Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas – Mini Ombre Cakes

 Creative Wedding Cake Ideas - Ombre Wedding Cake Alternative

Looking for wedding cake ideas for small weddings or for a creative wedding cake alternative? These blue ombre mini-cakes are perfect for either scenario. Little individual mini-cakes, about the size of cupcakes, are baked and then decorated in ombre styling.  You could opt for cupcakes and decorate them this way as well (wedding cupcakes are, after all, a huge trend).  Then stack the pretty mini-cakes on a cake stand or cake platter on a pedestal for a lovely and unique wedding cake alternative. This is a gorgeous idea when you just want to be unique. But its also a charming idea for a small wedding with a limited number of guests. If you simply like this idea as a wedding cake alternative but are having a larger wedding, then you’ll need several cake stands to hold enough ombre mini cakes for all your guests. Plan on one mini-wedding cake for each of your guests and add 10 to 15% to account for mishaps or the occasional guests who goes back for seconds (remember, as a gracious host, you need to be prepared for this!).

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