Rose Champagne Signature Wedding Reception Drink

Champagne Glasses garnished with real miniature roses

A gorgeous idea from Martha Stewart for signature drinks at a wedding reception: Champagne served up in long stemmed elegant champagne flutes  is garnished at the side of the glass with a real, miniature pink rose.  Incredibly elegant!

How to DIY:

To make these tiny rose garnishes, insert a toothpick into the base of each rose, at an angle of not quite 45 degrees. Cut the stems about 1 inch shorter than the length of the toothpick; you may need to adjust length depending on the weight of the rose. Place each toothpick just inside the rim of the champagne glass, letting the roses balance delicately on top edge of the glass.

Your guessed will be beyond impressed!  A great idea for serving champagne at a bridal shower or engagement party too.

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