Candy Spinkles Tossed as Wedding Confetti

Use Candy Spinkles for Confetti

Want a sweet idea (literally!) for an alternative to tossing confetti?  Think candy sprinkles.  Yes, those tiny little colored candy thingies used for decorating cookies and cakes.  Bet you’d never have thought of it, but it works terrific as confetti and looks fabulous in wedding photos! Guests will find it a lot of fun, not […]

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Pink Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors: Blush Pink Cotton Candy

    Fabulous, fun, and pretty too!    Looking for something different and terrific for wedding favors? How about individual-sized mini-cotton candy – like the kind you get at the carnival.  A super-sweet treat that is remiscent of happy-go-lucky times. In blush pink, its super-pretty too.   Bet your guests never had cotton candy at […]

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Mini Wedding Cakes made from Stacked Cookies

Mini Wedding Cakes from Stacked Cookies

Wedding Cake Cookies Delight guests at your wedding reception with these mini wedding cakes made from home made cookies in three different sizes. A terrific wedding favors idea.  Stack them from largest to smallest; use icing between the layers to keep your little wedding cakes together. Then decorate with icing to give your little wedding […]

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Fun weding reception ideas - mad libs for reception

Fun Wedding Reception Mad Libs

Mad Libs –  Fun Wedding Reception Idea! Remember when you were in grade school, and you’d play those little “Mad-Lib” games where your friends would give you random adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc., and then you’d use their answers to fill in the blanks to create a silly, but typically very funny story…? Well here’s a […]

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Unique Idea for Personalized Thank You Cards

Unique Idea for Thank You Cards

Here’s a really special and unique idea for wonderfully personalized wedding thank you cards that you can DIY if you are so inclined.  Have your photographer take a picture of the two of you on your wedding day that sends your guests a special message – pose with a sign that reads “Thank You” (or […]

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Wedding Favor Ideas - Romantic Badges

Wedding Favor Ideas – Romantic Badges

Another new wedding idea for those who crave the latest ideas. Wedding Favor ideas come in all shapes and sizes, but these ones are truly unique and creative. Nothing cookie-cutter about these favors!  See another photo further below. Sweet little badges (also referred to as “buttons” or “pins”) feature romantic sayings on paper that looks […]

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Picture of ornament guest book alternative for weddings

Ornament Guest Book Alternative

Another clever, creative and unique idea for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. This time around we feature an Ornament Guest Book alternative. The idea here is that you provide a collection of ornaments for your guests to sign as they enter the reception, in place of the traditional wedding guest book. Ornaments […]

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Unique Wedding Idea for the Flowergirl

Sweet and Unique Idea for Flower Girl

Here’s a super-sweet, meaningful, unique, and very moving idea for what you can give your flower girl to remember your wedding by.  Have a handkerchief embroidered or printed with the words shown in the photo above. (You can print onto fabric using a product called Transfer Medium, available at craft stores. Give the handkerchief to your […]

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