Fun Wedding Reception Mad Libs

Fun weding reception ideas - mad libs for reception

Mad Libs –  Fun Wedding Reception Idea!

Remember when you were in grade school, and you’d play those little “Mad-Lib” games where your friends would give you random adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc., and then you’d use their answers to fill in the blanks to create a silly, but typically very funny story…?

Well here’s a super-fun and very creative little idea for an alternative to the traditional guest book (or include it in addition to a guest book at your reception.

Its a fun DIY wedding idea too. Make up your fill-in-the-blank questions and print onto card stock. Then as guests enter the  reception, have them fill in their happy wishes and words of wisdom for you.  When guests have completed the cards you can have them pin them up onto a cork-board to display at the reception, or hang them from a string that you’ve suspended clothesline style for display. This way everyone can have the fun of reading other guest’s responses. Or if you prefer, just collect them in a drop-box, basket, or large gift bag at the reception.

After the wedding is over, put them all into a scrap book, or bind them together book-style, and you’ll have a really wonderful keepsake guest book from your wedding that will be a lot of fun and very entertaining to look back on as they years go by!  Sure to give you many instances of enjoyment and entertainment well into the future – and guests will have a lot of fun with this idea too.

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