Ornament Guest Book Alternative

Picture of ornament guest book alternative for weddings

Another clever, creative and unique idea for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. This time around we feature an Ornament Guest Book alternative.

The idea here is that you provide a collection of ornaments for your guests to sign as they enter the reception, in place of the traditional wedding guest book. Ornaments can be store bought, or home made like these ones. Make plain ornaments from dough, or molding clay. Your guests can sign their name on one side, and write a brief word or two on the other.

Its one of those unique wedding ideas that guests will enjoy, and you’ll have some fabulous keepsakes to enjoy long after the wedding.

This idea would adapt wonderfully for a Christmas wedding (have guests sign Christmas ball ornaments…), however, this is definitely an idea that is meant to be enjoyed for weddings at any time of the year (simply don’t use Christmas themed ornaments outside of the holiday season, but rather something more generic in design). [Photo Credit: hollychappleflowers.com]

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