Unique Idea for Thank You Cards

Unique Idea for Personalized Thank You Cards

Here’s a really special and unique idea for wonderfully personalized wedding thank you cards that you can DIY if you are so inclined.  Have your photographer take a picture of the two of you on your wedding day that sends your guests a special message – pose with a sign that reads “Thank You” (or another special message of your choosing that conveys your appreciation to your guests).

Put some creativity into coming up with an idea for the DIY sign that will be in keeping with the theme, motif or style of your wedding.  Also put some thought into the setting for the photo, and what you will have in the background, so it will really capture the essence of your wedding.

For instance, in the photo shown, the couple had a Rustic Wedding theme, so they posed with their Thank You Sign in front of a stable door.

This idea offers an extra special way to say thank you and to help guests remember your day. They get a wonderful photo of you in your wedding setting as a meaningful and lasting keepsake – they’ll be thrilled when it arrives in the mail after the wedding. Standard thank you cards just can’t compete!  See more unique wedding ideas

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