Affordable Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

White wedding cake with fresh flowers

DIY!  Here’s an insider’s tip for a very affordable wedding cake that looks entirely high end.

A very basic and affordable three-tier wedding cake is made to look spectacular by simply placing fresh flowers on the tiers for decorations. Fresh flowers give the cake a very  beautiful and sophisticated look – we see this on a lot of high-end wedding cakes.  But consider this: much of what makes wedding cakes so incredibly costly is the labor that goes into decorating that cake.

Here’s where a little DIY makes a lot of difference….

Here’s an insider’s secret for an affordable wedding cake – have your baker create a very standard wedding cake for you, with NO decorations. Simply have them ice it, and that’s it. Then, the night before your wedding, buy some fresh flowers. You don’t even need to pay florist prices. Buy them from your local supermarket, Costco, Sam’s club, or grower’s market and you’ll save a bundle of money.

Supermarkets that actually have floral departments (as opposed to those that simply sell flowers at the check-stands) will often be very willing to set aside the number, type and color of flowers you want if you arrange it ahead of time. Then when your wedding cake is delivered to your reception, have someone (the caterer, the reception manager, or a trusted friend or relative) place the flowers on the cake for you.

You’ll pay the lowest price possible for your “basic” wedding cake, and yet end up with a gorgeous high-end looking cake. No one will ever guess it how very little you paid.

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