DIY Wedding Favors – Goblet

DIY Wedding Favors - Floral Goblet
DIY Wedding Favors at


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Project Edited by: Linda Kevich

DIY wedding favors are fun to make and are a lovely way to put your personal imprint on your wedding. Featured here are DIY insstructions on how to make pretty & unique wedding favors for a wedding or bridal shower.

This do it yourself wedding favors project is created with a wine glass, STYROFOAM* brand foam, ribbon and a few silk flowers. These attractive floral goblets can also be used as head table decorations or centerpieces for your wedding reception tables.

Supplies Required:

For each wedding favor you will need…

1 goblet or wine glass
1 ball of STYROFOAM* brand foam that fits halfway into the top
Ribbon (sheers were used for this design)
Silk flowers
Glue gun and glue sticks


Making these favors is easy! Here’s what you do…

1. Insert the ball of STYROFOAM* brand foam into the glass.

2. Wrap the ribbon around the glass in a spiral and secure in place with hot glue.

3. Trim stems of flowers to about 2 inches in length.

4. Insert the stems of the flowers into the Styrofoam, being sure to cover majority of foam space.

5. Wired ribbon can be incorporated into flower arrangement also. secure in place with hot glue.

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