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DIY Wedding Favors - Chocolate Bells
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Painted chocolates make a delightful wedding favor. By tying on a ribbon with your name and date on it, you will have personalized the favors as your very own. People always love chocolate and will be delighted with something that you have personally created for them.

Below you will find DIY instructions on making your own chocolate pops for wedding favors. I usually wrap each one in a lollipop bag and tie coordinating curling ribbon on them.

Candy painting can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. As you see from the wedding bell picture, I have used two different colors — light cocoa and white chocolate candy coating (or candy melts). I have brushed the light cocoa portion with a product called “Lustre Dust”. I have also brushed the white bell portion with a pearlized lustre dust. Of course you may prefer not to do this since you have many other options.

Candy coating or candy melts come in a rainbow of colors and can match any color scheme. You will also need to purchase a chocolate mold ($1.75 – $2.50 each). They can be bought at stores such as Michaels, Party Supermarket and many small candy making supply stores across the country. You may also purchase supplies on the net. My two favorite suppliers are Streichs and Sugarcraft. Both of these suppliers also have a huge selection of chocolate molds, bags, pop sticks, flavorings, etc.

Let’s Make Candyget started!

The first step is to melt the candy coating…

(1) Microwave Melting: In a microwave safe container, such as a glass measuring cup, microwave 1 package of candy melts (Merkens or Wilton) at 30% power (usually the defrost setting on most microwave ovens). Stir thoroughly. Continue to microwave the candy melts at 30 second intervals and stir thoroughly each time, until you have a very smooth melted candy. You will need to do this each time you need a different color.

(2) Filling the mold: Using a small spoon, such as a baby spoon or a demitasse spoon, carefully fill each portion of the mold, using the different colors you would like for the different sections. For example, using the wedding bells pictured, first fill the bow area. Tap on the counter and place in the refrigerator to harden (a minute or so). Next fill the bell area. Tap again. There is no law that says you need to use more than one color. This is your project and you should personalize it the way you wish.

Once the candy mold has been filled (be careful not to overfill — this takes a little practice), tap the mold on the countertop to release any air bubbles that formed in the melted candy. Place a lollipop stick in the place allotted and gently turn the stick to be sure it is covered completely.

(3) The pops should be placed in the refrigerator on a level surface. They should not be left in for long periods of time or you will experience cracking in the candy surface.

(4) Unmold: To unmold the pops, lay down wax paper or a towel and simply invert your mold and tap one edge on the table and your candy should come out easily. Sometimes this takes a little practice and the tap should be harder than a gentle tap.

(5) Caring for your molds: You should never place your molds in the dish washer. Always wash them in warm soapy water and dry. Store them carefully or they will warp.

Happy Candy Making!

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