DIY Wedding Floral Arrangements

DIY Wedding Floral Arrangements

From the book Your Guide to Creativity
by Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

DIY Wedding Floral Arrangement Project

5 ribbons

Assorted flowers

Dry floral foam


Flat, round utility container

Hot glue and hot-glue gun

Waterproof floral tape

Spanish moss

Greening pins

3 x 9-inch pillar candle

3-inch wood picks and pick tool

Stem tape (floral tape)


Greenery bush

Wire and wire cutter


1. Follow the directions for the low formal flower arrangement, except that the flowers are cut smaller and the stems are shorter in this version.

2. Insert the line flowers first to establish the height and width of the arrangement. By beginning with the line flowers, you will be able to establish the shape of the flower arrangement.

3. Fill in around the line flowers with dominant flowers. Use individual blooms from a stem of flowers. Wire new “stems” to these blooms.

4. Wrap the new stems with stem tape. Insert flowers at different lengths to achieve depth. Continue working with the shape of the flower arrangement. Add the greenery and filler flowers.

5. Cut five ribbons to different lengths. Fold lengths in half and secure to a wood pick. Cut the ends of the ribbons on angles for a pleasing look, and pick them into the flower arrangement.

Note: Make the wedding floral arrangements as elaborate or simple as you like by varying the lengths of flowers used. Leave the taper candles out of the design if you prefer, or use the arrangement for the reception buffet table, the head table, or as centerpieces on the reception tables.

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