How to Make a Towel Cake for a Bridal Shower

Make a towel cake for a bridal shower
DIY Bridal Shower Towel Cake Instructions from – Make a towel cake!

Terrific instructions for how to make a towel cake for a wedding or bridal shower!

A towel cake makes a clever and creative focal point at a bridal shower.  A set of new bathroom towels, hand towels and face cloths (a shower gift to the couple) are folded, stacked and styled to look like a traditional tiered wedding cake!  The “cake” really takes shape and comes to life with the addition of decorative elements you would typically see on a wedding cake – like ribbon,  silk flowers, and strings of pearls, or whatever else your imagination dreams up.

Choose white towels and bring forth the brides wedding color scheme through the decorative elements (like flowers etc), or you can choose colored towels for a colored cake (usually coordinated to match the bride’s chosen color scheme).

The towel cake with serve double duty as both a a part of the bridal shower decorations – truly a decorative centerpiece and focal point! – as well as a gift for the couple’s new home that the bride takes home at the end of the shower.

On top of it all, a creative towel cake like this makes a terrific conversation starter at the bridal shower.  It get guests talking with one another and helps break the ice.

Ready to make a towel cake Lets get started!

Towel Cake Supplies:

2 Bath Towels
Decorative Soaps
2 Hand Towels
String of Pearls
2 Wash Cloths
Small Wedding Rings
Narrow Ribbon
Small Silk Roses
Large Silk Flowers
Cake Plate on Pedestal
Carved Soap or Candle for Topper

Towel Cake Instructions:

Make a Towel Cake – Its Easy You Can DO This! Here’s How…

1. Fold each bath towel in half lengthwise twice. Roll into a tight coil and use pins to anchor.

2. Join second bath towel to end of first with pins. Continue coil, pinning at the end and tying layer with narrow ribbon to secure.

3. Use hand towels for the second layer and wash cloths for the top (rolling each layer the same as the bath towels). Use pins to help keep each layer stable.

4. Decorative soaps can be tucked between layers, small silk flowers attached to the ribbons where they are tied. Drape the pearls on each layer. Add wedding rings with little bows around at random.

5. At the top, use carved decorative soap, a carved candle, or large silk flowers for the topper.

6. Encircle the bottom of the cake on the plate with large silk flowers. These can be done in the color of the wedding party.

7. For the best presentation and appearance, the towel cake looks lovely when placed upon a pretty cake stand. This can be included in the gift for the bride, or it can be provided on loan on the day of the shower for decorative purposes only.

Meet the Designer:

This adorable wedding cake of towels was created by a gal who calls herself “Crafty Jan”. This project goes over big when used as a focal point or centerpiece at a wedding shower. When Jan’s daughter got married a while back, Jan took her first try at constructing a bridal shower towel cake. It was such a hit that since then she’s become rather infamous for these little masterpieces among friends and family, and has been asked to make them over and over again. So very clever and crafty!

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