Simple Wedding Ideas

Simple wedding centerpiece idea - single rose on cut stem submerged in water in clear vase

Planning a wedding can be stressful — and spendy!  Here are some fabulous simple wedding ideas to help keep the costs low while still having an elegant and memorable wedding, proving that there really is beauty in simplicty!

1.    Having wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake is a new hot trend. Not only is it a simplified approach, it is also more affordable. Wedding cupcakes can be as elegant as a cake without having to dig deep into your pockets.

2.    Making your own wedding invitations can save a lot of money. The cost of invitations keeps going up, making it pretty pricey for what essentially amounts to just paper! By including a few friends you can have fun creating you own unique and beautiful invitations for pennies on the dollar.

3.    Design and make your own wedding decorations and bouquets. This idea seems like a lot of hard work but once again if you have the help of friends it can be fun and inspiring. Simple is also the key. White candles with embedded pearls and ribbons on them. Even floating candles in a bowl of water with flowers can be a fast, easy and a stylish addition. See our wedding decor section for decorating ideas, and see our DIY section for all kinds of simple do-it-yourself projects for your wedding. And for your bouquets, silk calla lilies or any flower you like is just as beautiful as a real, and expensive, bouquet. Plus it will last a lifetime!

4.    Change up the guest book idea and go with a picture of the happy bride and groom in an autograph frame. Guests will have fun leaving little notes in the margins. It is creative and looks great. If you have a guest book it will more than likely be put in a keepsake box and you will hardly ever see it. But with a picture frame it can be hung on the wall with other wedding photos and admired for years to come.  See other creative ideas for guest book alternatives.

5.    Consider changing your wedding date. Saturdays are the most popular and therefore the most expensive. Book your venue for a Friday or Sunday. Daytime hours are also cheaper and the lighting is better for your photos.

Implementing these creative ideas will save you money and make your wedding one of a kind.

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