Wedding Centerpiece DIY

Wedding Centerpiece DIY

Glass and Petals Wedding Centerpiece

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The soft colors and flower petals in this DIY wedding centerpiece design make it a very pretty centerpiece idea if you are decorating for a spring or summer wedding. It also happens to be an extremely simple project, so you can easily create this fabulous wedding centerpiece yourself if you’d like to do your own wedding decorating! The rose petals used here are faux, but who would know it? Tiny ‘water droplets’ on the petals make them look oh-so-real. Of course, you could use fresh petals if you were so inclined, but these are so much more hassle free – no wilting or withering, and very easy to re-use again and again.

Instead of using floater candles in this design, tea light candles are placed in shiny clear glass holders that float atop the water – we love this idea, and your wedding guests will too! The glass of the holders captures the reflection of the candlelight to really enhance the overall effect of the design.


Creating the Centerpiece is Easy!

1. Start by selecting an attractive clear glass container for the centerpiece. Here, an super-sized martini glass (made specially for displaying floating candles) was used. This is a really attractive idea because it elevates the focal area of the centerpiece off the table somewhat.

2. Fill the martini glass or other container you have selected with fresh water.

3. Place tea light candles in the floating glass holders .

4. Place the floating glass holders in the water. For the centerpiece in the photo, 3 glass floating candle holders were used in the design.

5. Add faux rose petals to the water, surrounding the floating candle holders, to really give the centerpiece the look. If you like you can also sprinkle them on the table, around the centerpiece to enhance the overall design

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