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Flowers cover a chandelier at a wedding venue.

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Q: We are doing all the decorating for the reception ourselves and things are going pretty smoothly, EXCEPT: There are 3 brass chandeliers in the reception hall. We would like to decorate them with greenery and flowers. Any suggestions as to how to do that?
Jayne W.

Adorning existing chandeliers in a reception venue with floral decor can create an absolutely breathtaking effect. Sometimes we do this because the chandeliers, well… need to be covered up… if you know what I’m getting at.

But often times, an incredibly beautiful chandelier becomes even  more so with floral decor. You often see this at very high end or lavish weddings, because to cover an entire chandelier with flowers, or several chandeliers for that matter, is going to get spendy.

To reduce costs, you might want to avoid using fresh flowers, because that will really get pricey. Consider using ivy garland or some other greens (asparagus fern as shown in the photo above) and perhaps dried roses – or as a more affordable alternative, opt for s, whiilk roses which look like dried roses. This will create a very romantic and extremely elegant look. Ivy garland is usually sold in 9′ lengths and is super simple to work with, which is why it is a preferred choice if you are not an experienced floral designer – just drape or wind it around the chandelier, and secure in place with green floral tape.

What makes ivy all the more perfect is the fact that it is the symbol for fidelity, and is therefore highly meaningful when used in wedding decor.

You might want to pre-attach the roses to the garland with a little dab of hot glue before adorning the chandeliers.

Very important, however – make sure you request permission from the reception facility manager and let him or her know precisely what you intend to do. You must receive their approval before fastening anything to their chandeliers, and follow any guidelines or restrictions they give you.  [Photo Credit:  Beautiful Blooms]

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