Wedding Pew Bows

Picture of DIY wedding pew bows

These pretty DIY wedding pew bows will fancy up the ends of the pews when you make that walk down the aisle.   They are SO easy to make! Here’s how to make pew bows and pew decorations to take your wedding ceremony decor to the next level. You can DO this! Wedding craft project instructions for these pew bows are below.

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How to Make Wedding Pew Bows

Supplies Required:
* Flowers with large blooms and other smaller flowers

* Floral tape

* Plastic pew clips

* Dry foam pew clips or sticky clay

* Grape cluster

* Hot glue and hot-glue gun

* Ribbon

* Wire

* Embellishments: Some suggestions or cherry blossoms or mini-paper roses



1. Select a flower with a large bloom such as a hydrangea. Add three stems of small secondary flowers. Secure the stems of the small flowers to the stem of the larger flower with floral tape. Attach the bouquet of flowers to a plastic pew clip with a dry foam pew clip, floral tape, or sticky clay.

2. Clip the leaves off of a grape cluster and attach them to the back of the flower bouquet using a hot-glue gun. The leaves should form a “collar” around the back of the flowers.

image shows how to make wedding pew bows

3. Glue in embellishments like these or cherry blossoms or mini-paper roses for added visual interest, and your done!

image showing how to make wedding pew bows


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