Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Wedding Guest Book Alternative

New Wedding Idea!   How’s this for a wedding guest book alternative?

When you want something unique and distinctive in place of the traditional wedding guest book at your wedding reception, its time to get creative. Take inspiration from this unique idea. We’re not certain what this decorative item actually is, however, what ever its purpose, it’s shaped like an “S”.

Someone had the creativity and imagination to turn it into a guest book alternative by having their wedding guests sign it. After the wedding they have a beautiful heirloom item for their home.

We’re guessing the couple’s last name begins with S, so the S is their monogram. It just shows how much you can do with a little imagination when it comes to giving your wedding that personalized, unique edge.

This looks like something they might have picked up at a flea market. So the point is, keep your eyes open -ideas and inspiration are everywhere!  There are no rules!  What do you think of this idea?  And what ideas do you have for a creative and unique alternative to the traditional guest book? Share your thoughts and be the first to leave a comment!

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