Pink and Brown Wedding

Pink and Brown Wedding - Wedding Colors Theme

Pink and Brown is a HOT wedding color scheme for weddings any time, BUT its also a fantastic wedding color option for a fall wedding! (If you want a break from same-old fall “red, orange, yellow, and brown” scheme.

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The Pink and Brown Wedding

This color scheme is fabulous. It was super-hot a few years back, pink and brown was “it” as far as wedding color schemes go. But even though its no longer the latest trend, pink and brown is a timeless, classic theme. We wedding planners like to call it “pink chocolate”! Yummy! Its really pretty easy to carry this out. Just use combinations of those two colors everywhere. Consider using a combination of brown and pink table covers throughout the reception (instead of just one color all the way through). Napkins can be brown if the table cloths are pink, and vice versa. You can also use table overlays if you want (that’s a shorter table cloth that goes on top of other one to give it a ‘layered’ effect). If you have a brown table cloth, use a pink overlay and vice versa.

Bridesmaids can wear pink dresses with a brown shoulder wrap or sash at the waist, or brown dresses with a pink wrap or sash.

Centerpieces could be pink roses in a matte brown short square vase.

And of course, the wedding cake could be yummy chocolate with pink icing, accented with brown fondant leaves or flowers, or it could be iced in brown, and accented with pink.

The cake itself could be strawberry (pink) of you don’t want to go with chocolate. Or consider a combination of strawberry and chocolate layers. I could go on and on, but this gives you the idea of how really easy it is to pull this off and create a really striking effect! LOVE it!

Chocolate, coffee, or mocha brown combine really nicely with sort of a medium pink, but other shades of pink can work too. What you might find helpful is to go to the paint department of your local Home Depot or a store like that, and pick up some of those sample color cards they have in shades of brown and shades of pink, then play around with mixing and matching different colors until you find a combination that really seems to work for you. Then use that as your guide and try to match to those shades for your wedding. For flowers, you can go with pinks, or pink and beige hues (if you water down brown enough you get beige, so think beige carnations or roses mixed in with pink flowers), then bring in the brown hue with a big luxurious bow on each bouquet. This really looks stunning. Of course, you’d need to go with the hand-tied style of bouquet to incorporate a voluptuous bow like this. Alternating the colors for the bridesmaids would work just fine. If you do that, alternative the colors of the cumberbunds and bow ties for the groomsmen between brown and pink too.

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors


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