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We offer several extremely affordable payment plans to make it is easy as possible
for you to take the course. Get started moving towards your wedding career today!

Train For a Successful Career as a
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For Just $49 a month*

"Thank you so much for getting me started with my wedding
planning career! My business, Storybook Weddings, is booming!

I have even had to turn away clients since I don't like 
to double-book.

It's amazing how quickly word spreads. I have done very
little advertising so most of the jobs come by word of mouth.
That makes me pretty pleased since it means my clients are
happy enough to recommend me to their friends!
Thank you again!".

~ Terri Bernhardt, Storybook Weddings, Lake Jackson, Texas

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Enroll Now For Just $49 a Month
With exception of first month which is $69

We know affordability is important when you are preparing to launch a new career or business. For a limited time only, we are offering low monthly payments of just $49/month for 12 months, (with the exception of the first month which is $69 because it includes a one-time registration fee).

Pay just $49 per month to complete your wedding planner training and earn your wedding planner certification.

You can get started on your way to your wedding planner career right now and begin studying your first lesson as soon as we've processed your registration. No waiting for lessons to arrive by mail - you can access your course lessons quickly and conveniently online. Enroll right now and you'll be on to your way to an exciting new career as a wedding planner right away.

This highly effective, in-depth training program by The International Institute of Weddings has never before been this affordable. This is the first time in the long-running history of this program that we've made it so easy for you to get started. This special offer is available on a limited time basis only, so if this pricing works for your budget, enroll now while this offer remains available. Please note this offer is subject to be withdrawn at any time without advance notice.

How Our Easy $49 a Month Plan Works

There are 12 units in the course; normally, when you pay for the course in full, you receive all of the course material in one large shipment, delivered to your door, which you can go through at whatever pace is comfortable for you. But to allow you to make easy and affordable payments, with this installment plan you'll be billed monthly over 12 months and you'll receive a new lesson, online, every month. 

It's the same great course, and all the course material remains the same. The only difference is that on this installment plan you study your lessons online, with a new lesson each month, rather than receiving a shipment containing all of the training material at one time, in physical format.

Pay It Off at Anytime and Finish Faster

If at any time you wish to pay off the remaining payments in full, you'll have the ability to do so. You'll receive all of the remaining course material at that time, so you won't have to wait for monthly installments. You've got the options and flexibility to do what works best for you at any given time.

You also have the ability to make early payments anytime you are able in order to receive extra course units. This allows you to study larger sections of the course at a time, and therefore enables you to finish the course faster.  For example, you might decide in month 2 that you have extra money available and would therefore like to receive additional lessons in month 3, say for example, Lessons 4 and 5, along with your scheduled Lesson 3.  You would simply need to let us know; we will process your payment for the additional lessons and all you to access them. Your outstanding course balance will be adjusted accordingly.

The fewer payments you are able to make and the more course material you are able to afford at a time, the more money you will save. Your most cost effective option is to purchase the course in full with one payment. But if your budget won't allow it, our helpful payment plans enable you to receive your training in manageable installments.

The Most Thorough Course on the Market, As Well as the Most Affordable

We think you'll find this low monthly payment plan to be quite competitive compared to how much you have to pay for other programs, especially considering this certification program is the least expensive program you'll find to begin with, while ALSO being one of - if not THE most - thorough, practical, and effective programs in the industry. And being one of the industry's longest established training and certification programs for professional wedding planners anywhere in the world, you know you're get the best education at the best value.

Enroll Now For Just $49 a Month

Enroll now before this special offer expires - You must use the registration link you see above to register for the course on the 12 part payment plan, otherwise you'll be charged the full course fee if you use the registration link on the main page of course information.

This limited time  offer and is subject to expire without notice.
Register now to avoid disappointment

Other Payment Plan Options

Please note - if you would like to receive the complete program more quickly, but still prefer to pay in installments rather than the full fee at once, we also offer, a two-part installment option and a four-part installment option as well. Choose the option that works best for your budget and time line.

Please Note: To Register on a Payment Plan, you must used the links of this page. You will not be able to select a payment plan if you register from the main course page. Register from the main course page only if you are paying for the course in full (you will receive all course materials at one time when you purchase in full, and you will be able to complete faster). Select a plan below:

2 Installments

4 installments

12 month Plan

Pay in Full - Receive ALL course material at one time, delivered to your door in physical format, and finish the course sooner. We allow one full year, but when you purchase in full, you have the flexibility to move through the lessons as quickly as you'd like. You could earn your Wedding Planner Certification is as little as 60 days.


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* $69 initial payment the first month, $49 a month for 11 months thereafter.

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