Slipping ring on bride's finger

Wedding Vows: “True Love Endures”

  Submitted by Tracey in Kentucky: “I wrote our wedding vows early in our “engaged to be engaged” days, almost two years ago. They’ve gone through many revisions since then, just like our relationship. Here is the final (or latest) incarnation”: My beloved, romance may fade, but true love endures. I choose to truly love […]

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Champagne With Raspberries for Wedding Reception

Proper Temperature for Serving Champagne

What is the Proper Temperature For Serving Champagne? Q: We’re handling all of the food and beverage arrangements for my son’s DIY wedding, rather than hiring a caterer and bar service. We have one issue we are unsure of, though. What temperature is champagne supposed to be served at? Please help! ~  Mom of Groom, […]

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Charitable Wedding Favors - Kindness Trend in Weddings

“Kindness Trend” for Weddings

The ‘Kindness Trend’ In Weddings: One of the Hottest Emerging Wedding Trends ~by Linda Kevich Editor,   Christina Aguilera did it for her wedding. Angelina Jolie has said she’ll do for her wedding to Brad Pitt. And now, couples everywhere are including acts of kindness as a part of their weddings too, making this […]

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Picture of Wedding Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner Etiquette

Aisle Runner Question Q: When is the Aisle Runner unrolled? Just before the bride’s entrance or before the entire wedding party enters? Please let me know as soon as possible – our wedding is two weeks away! Thanks for your help Rene A: That’s an excellent question and shows that you are really thinking ahead […]

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Wedding Favors Picture

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors?

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors? Q: Is is proper to give each couple ONE wedding favor at the wedding reception, or should it be a favor for each guest? We’ve been told both have been done. We’re leaning on one per guest. Thanks. [Photo Credit:] A: You’ve absolutely got the right idea to […]

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Bridal Gloves

Bridal Glove Etiquette

Q: I’m planning on wearing elbow-length gloves with my wedding dress. What is the easiest way to do the exchange of rings while wearing gloves? I’d rather not take the gloves on and off. I want to stay in keeping with what is traditional. I know that I’m supposed to take them off when in […]

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