Champagne With Raspberries for Wedding Reception

Proper Temperature for Serving Champagne

What is the Proper Temperature For Serving Champagne? Q: We’re handling all of the food and beverage arrangements for my son’s DIY wedding, rather than hiring a caterer and bar service. We have one issue we are unsure of, though. What temperature is champagne supposed to be served at? Please help! ~  Mom of Groom, […]

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Picture of Wedding Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner Etiquette

Aisle Runner Question Q: When is the Aisle Runner unrolled? Just before the bride’s entrance or before the entire wedding party enters? Please let me know as soon as possible – our wedding is two weeks away! Thanks for your help Rene A: That’s an excellent question and shows that you are really thinking ahead […]

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Wedding Favors Picture

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors?

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors? Q: Is is proper to give each couple ONE wedding favor at the wedding reception, or should it be a favor for each guest? We’ve been told both have been done. We’re leaning on one per guest. Thanks. [Photo Credit:] A: You’ve absolutely got the right idea to […]

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Bridal Gloves

Bridal Glove Etiquette

Q: I’m planning on wearing elbow-length gloves with my wedding dress. What is the easiest way to do the exchange of rings while wearing gloves? I’d rather not take the gloves on and off. I want to stay in keeping with what is traditional. I know that I’m supposed to take them off when in […]

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Table for Wedding Vow Renewal Party

Carried Away With Wedding Vow Renewal?

Q:  Questions about a wedding vow renewal celebration: Is it appropriate to have 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen when renewing your vows? How about a bachelorette party and showers? Receiving gifts? Having your daughter in the “wedding:? I have a friend that is doing this after only being married less then 2 years and it is […]

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