Catering Your Own Wedding: Bartending Question

Catering Your Own Wedding: Bartending Question
Q: Can you tell us how many drinks are in a keg of beer? We’re catering our own wedding. Thanks
Mary D.

A:  First, if you are planning a self catered wedding be sure to read our section on catering your own wedding for TONS of great tips and advice. If you are into DIY, you really can save a lot of money when you cater your own wedding, but to avoid problems, you’ll need this terrific tutorial on how to cater your own wedding.

Now, for the answer to this question, I consulted Chef Mike Flowers, author of the book “Cater Your Own Wedding “. He informed me that the standard keg is 15.5 gallons, which will serve approximately one hundred and sixty 12 oz. glasses of beer.

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