What Is the Best Man Responsible for at a Wedding Family Feud?


What is the best man responsible for at a wedding family feud?? ~  Thanks, Rick

A Wedding Family Feud is a light-hearted little game that is occasionally use to keep wedding guests entertained in the time between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Its based on the popular television game show “Family Feud” that ran on air in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The best man’s role in a wedding family feud is to play the part of the host from the TV game show.

Two teams are created – one representing the bride’s family, the other representing the groom’s family. Each team will need 5 family members as team players. The two teams square off against each other in answering questions that are asked by the Host  – in this case, the Best Man.  Questions answered correctly by family members earn points for the family team. Players will be given a bell to ring  when they know the answer to a question. And as the “Host”, you’ll have a horn to use when they get the answer wrong!

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Its really just a fun way to keep guests entertained as they pass some time waiting for the reception to begin – nothing serious at all. Whom ever is organizing the game should be able to fill you in on more detail of how the game is played and what you need to do.  Whom ever is organizing the game should provide you with the questions, and you’ll simply need to ask them to team members and keep the game moving as a good game show host always does. It’s much like what the host of the game on the TV show used to do, if you ever saw it. Again, its all pretty simple and all in good fun.

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