Planning a Vow Renewal Celebration

Wedding Vow Renewal Reception
Question: When my husband and I got married many years ago, we had a very small ceremony in the home of the minister who preformed it. We brought along two of our best friends and their spouses as our witnesses. Three years from now we will be married for 30 years. Would it be silly to even consider a church wedding to renew our vows with family, friends and all the trimmings?  [Photo Credit: Evantine Design]  ~ Wendy
Answer:  Silly? Not at all. This is a wonderful idea. Give yourselves the celebration you were not able to have all those years ago. You deserve it! Surround yourselves with friends and family to celebrate those thirty wonderful years together. Do it up exactly as you want it – a breathtaking dress, beautiful flowers, formal invitations, a tiered cake with keepsake anniversary cake top, champagne glasses engraved with your names and the dates, dinner, dancing, speeches, toasts, hire a photographer, even rent a limo if your like. Do it in the way that most makes you happy. Make your wish list now, start planning, and have the time of your life!

Today many couples, even those who were fortunate enough to have the lavish weddings of their dreams, are marking their anniversaries in grand style by renewing their vows and planning formal celebrations. And in this day and age where often the wedding cake outlasts the marriage itself, a lasting union is much to be proud of and is well deserving of being celebrated in style. Congratulations and many more years of happiness to you!

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One thought on “Planning a Vow Renewal Celebration

  1. I feel like I did not get the wedding that I wanted twenty six years ago. We wanted to renew our vows last year
    but to many things happened that we did not get to do it and now we are going to this year. I am having it the
    way I want to. I did get a wedding gown but I want to kn ow if I should carry a bouquet? Also how can I
    incorporate my great niece and nephew who are three and one?

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