Proper Timing for Engagement Party

Proper Timing For Engagement Party
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Q: My sister in-law got engaged on New Year’s Eve. Her mother and I would like to give the couple an engagement party. The wedding is definitely a year and a half to two years away, but we would like to recognize this special occasion. What would you suggest?
A:  An engagement party is entirely appropriate. There is no need to be concerned about the fact that the wedding may be two years away; this is not atypical. The average duration of an engagement at the present time is eighteen to twenty-four months.

An engagement party is a wonderful way for the couple’s engagement to be officially announced to family and friends. This is, in fact, the traditional and customary way to announce an engagement. If the couple so chooses, they may also place an engagement announcement in the local newspaper following the party, but not before.

Engagement parties may be formal or informal, large or small – whatever suits the couple’s style. As a rule, just as in the case of a bridal shower, it is not appropriate to invite individuals to an engagement party if they will not also be invited to the wedding. The only exception would be when the wedding is to be an extremely small and very private affair.

Some possible options for an engagement party may include a sit down dinner, brunch or luncheon – held either in a restaurant or in the home, a cocktail party, pool party, back yard barbecue, or whatever else strikes your fancy! Happy planning!

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