Charitable Wedding Favors - Kindness Trend in Weddings

“Kindness Trend” for Weddings

The ‘Kindness Trend’ In Weddings: One of the Hottest Emerging Wedding Trends ~by Linda Kevich Editor,   Christina Aguilera did it for her wedding. Angelina Jolie has said she’ll do for her wedding to Brad Pitt. And now, couples everywhere are including acts of kindness as a part of their weddings too, making this […]

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Reserved Signs for Wedding Ceremony Seating

Wedding Ceremony Seating Protocol

Q: What is the proper timing for seating the immediate family at a wedding ceremony? Answer: Here is a run-down of everything you need to know with regards to wedding ceremony seating: Ushers should be used to escort guests to their seats. The standard formula to determine the number of ushers required is one usher […]

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Small Wedding reception picture

Small Weddings

Small weddings are making a big comeback. With all the over-the-top celebrity weddings and stories of people spending enough on their wedding receptions to buy a small country, small weddings don’t get a lot of press. But they are becoming very much back in-style, and so we’re going to be devoting a lot of attention […]

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Picture: Wedding Reception Food, Cater Own Wedding

Cater Your Own Wedding

Catering your own wedding can save you a considerable amount of money and has the potential to really stretch your budget. After all, food is one of the single most expensive cost components in your wedding planning budget. But to successfully pull off a DIY wedding with a self-catered wedding reception, there are some insider’s tricks […]

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Wedding Guest List – The “B” List

Making your wedding guest list?  What about a “B” List… The idea of a “B” list is sort of a touchy subject in wedding planning. But the reality is that sometimes its a necessity if the wedding budget is tight or if there are space limitations at the venue where your wedding wedding reception will […]

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Picture of wedding reception, bouquet toss tradition

Wedding Traditions

You can make your wedding more meaningful by including wedding traditions, customs or rituals in your wedding that speak to you in some personal way. There’s almost something magical about including traditions in your wedding that you know date back hundreds of years, and knowing that couples for generation upon generation before you have included the same rituals in their weddings.

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Picture of wedding reception receiving line.

Wedding Receiving Line

The Wedding Receiving Line Are you up on your wedding receiving line etiquette?  Here’s everything you need to know from a recognized wedding planning expert! ~ By Linda Kevich, Editor, A receiving line is always seen at truly formal weddings, or very traditional weddings. The purpose behind the receiving line tradition is to allow the hostess – […]

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Wedding reception - flower girl picture

Children at Wedding Reception

The “Adults Only” Wedding Reception Some couples do not want children at their wedding receptions. The reasons for planning a wedding this way may range from trying to lower costs by trimming wedding guests from the list, to simply not wanting to put up with potential melt-downs or fits of hyperactivity on the part of children at […]

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Wedding Reception Coctails Picture: Cash Bar Article

Cash Bar at a Wedding

In an effort to reduce expenses, some couples today are planning what is known as a “cash bar” at their wedding receptions, also called the “no-host bar“. Here’s the run down of cash bar etiquette, specifically as it applies to a wedding cash bar. I receive a lot of questions from brides, as well as […]

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Free Wedding Stuff

How to Get Free Stuff for your Wedding

Wedding items like these, and many others,  can sometimes be found for free  – read the article to find out how. Brides constantly ask us how to get free stuff for a wedding. I know, I know, weddings are expensive.  The average wedding in the US and Canada costs in the neighborhood of $30,000 these […]

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Picture: Best Man, Wedding

Duties of Best Man

A Super-Simple Guide to Being the Best Man at a Wedding You’ve been asked to be best man at a wedding. What an honor! Someone clearly thinks very highly of you – you must be quite the guy. Flattered to the hilt, you happily agreed, but now that you’ve gotten yourself into this, you realize […]

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Who gets gifts at a wedding - image

Who Gets Gifts at a Wedding?

Gifts from the Bride and Groom – Giving Guidelines Aside from receiving gifts on your wedding day, proper wedding etiquette requires that give a few gifts, too. So who gets gifts at a wedding? Put your most gracious foot forward to ensure that you don’t overlook anyone who should be on your gift list with […]

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