How to Get Free Stuff for your Wedding

Free Wedding Stuff

Wedding items like these, and many others,  can sometimes be found for free  – read the article to find out how.

Brides constantly ask us how to get free stuff for a wedding. I know, I know, weddings are expensive.  The average wedding in the US and Canada costs in the neighborhood of $30,000 these days. That may be so, but many couples don’t have anywhere near that amount of money to put into their wedding. So anything they can get for little or no cost can really make a difference.

Here are some insider’s secrets for how to get free stuff for a wedding.

  1. Plan your wedding during the holiday season. Why? Free wedding decor for the ceremony/ church! Most churches are filled with beautiful decorations for Christmas. With all of the Christmas floral arrangements, wreaths, garlands  and maybe even holiday season pew markers that will already be decorating the church, you won’t need to spend a cent on wedding decorations for your ceremony -it’ll all be done for you, and it will look amazing! PLUS, some venues where wedding receptions are held are also festively decorated for the holiday season with twinkling white lights, perfectly decorated Christmas trees, gorgeous garlands, wreaths, floral arrangements and more. So by choosing a locations for your reception and ceremony that will already be decorated for the holiday season, you’ll be able to eliminate wedding decorations from your wedding budget!
  2. Free Wedding Gown? Search the internet for promotions and contests that you can enter to win a free designer gown or a set of wedding jewelry. Watch for Facebook contests where you can be entered to win a gown or jewelry from a manufacturer, boutique or jeweler just for becoming their fan on Facebook. There are all sorts of contests, drawings, and promotions around if you know where to look. Enter enough of them and your chances of winning something fabulous increase substantially.
  3. Use a service like, which hooks up people who have something fabulous to give away with someone who wants it for free.  This is a good way to collect up free wedding decorations, favors, candles, your wedding gown, silk bouquets, etc. Sometimes people are happy to just outright give it away because its now just become clutter and they want it gone but don’t want to just throw out perfectly good stuff. Other times they may try to work out a trade for something you have hanging around that you don’t want anymore, like that old set of tennis rackets collecting dust in your basement.
  4. Bartering can be another option when you are looking for ways to get free stuff or services for your wedding. This works best if you have a valuable skill you can offer in return. For example, let’s say that the bride is a talented graphic designer or that the groom knows all about computers. You could offer to design some amazing free brochures or a website for a new photographer (or for an established photog who wants to upgrade his existing ones) in exchange for his services at your wedding. Run a Craigslist ad, free eBay Classifieds ad or Kijijji ad to solicit what you are looking for and what you are willing to offer in return. You’ll be surprised at the response you can get. You will find that people who are just getting established in their field will often be more open to the idea of bartering than a business than has been around for a long time. There are two key things to keep in mind when arranging a barter agreement. First, figure out the market value of what you have to offer to make sure that its equal to what you hope to receive. Second, only work with someone that you would hire if you were paying them. It doesn’t help you to get photography for free if the pictures are terrible!
  5. Last but not least, go the DIY wedding route instead of paying a lot of costly service providers and suppliers for the things you need for your wedding. For instance, instead of buying pew decorations to decorate the church, you can make your own pew decorations for very minimal expense. Or use this tutorial for how to make a bridal bouquet and make your own. Or make your own balloon decorations for your reception using the professional secrets revealed in this balloon decorating ebook and you can save a thousand dollars or more and still have a fabulously decorated reception that looks totally pro.Bottom line – there areways to get things for free, or at least for very cheap, to help keep your wedding costs down. Especially if you have a limited wedding budget, its certainly worth trying to get them. It may take a little extra effort, a bit of creativity, or a willingness to compromise just a tad, but in the end, it will be worth it when you are able to pull off an amazing wedding without putting yourself in the poor house to do it.
    Have YOU found ways to get free stuff for your wedding – or at least very cheap wedding stuff?
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