Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails for Wedding Receptions

One of the hippest style trends for wedding receptions is to serve a signature cocktail at the reception that reflects your wedding theme or mood, or makes a statement about your style as a couple. This is yet another fun and stylin’ way to make your wedding more memorable and really help to make it your own.

Have some fun with the various flavors and colors of the drink. One option is to customize your signature cocktails to match your wedding colors.

Signature Cocktails for wedding receptions began as a high-end wedding trend, all in the name of style. Couples offer guests a signature cocktail, in addition to having a full open bar. However…

Here’s an insider’s tip used by the savviest of pro wedding planners: Signature cocktails can actually be used to reduce your bar bill and help you save money on your wedding reception.

Here’s how:

Instead of offering a full open bar, serve your own signature cocktails along with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. If you want, you could even offer your guests a choice from two different signature cocktails for a little variety. Experience shows that bar consumption actually goes way down with this approach, and that means a much lower bar bill.

Signature Cocktails at Wedding ReceptionYou get to hold your head high as a proper and gracious host, your reception has class and style, and you save money in the process. This is a MUCH better option that going the cash bar route.  Unlike the cash bar alternative, this is considered perfectly proper, a show of good manners towards your guests (guests should never have to pay for anything at a wedding), and is very much in keeping with the rules of wedding etiquette.

Another idea: If you are having a DIY Wedding, or need to be creative with your budget, you can forgo the expense of a bartender and have a serve-yourself bar with premixed signature cocktails that guests pour for themselves from pitchers on a drink table ( new spin on the old punch-bowl).

Browse these ideas for signature cocktails to find one that’s perfect for your reception.

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