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Table numbers at wedding reception

Table numbers are a practical necessity to help wedding reception guests locate their table when there is assigned seating at the reception. Assigned seating is a smart idea, especially at larger weddings, to avoid the ‘every man for himself’ approach which often results in a degree of chaos.

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With weddings and wedding receptions today having become so imaginative and expressive, you have so many options to add additional flair to your wedding reception decor through creative table numbers. In fact, the don’t even have to be numbers, per se, anymore. You could use table names instead of numbers. (For ideas, see Creative Table Names.)

Couples are really thinking outside the box to make their weddings uniquely their own in some instances by replacing table numbers with phrases, song titles, poetry titles, and many other ideas.

When coming up with a creative approach to ideas for wedding table numbers, or substitutes for numbers, at your wedding reception, consider using concepts that relate to you as a couple. To get your ideas going, try a theme of music,  poetry, or places that are significant to your relationship for your table numbers.

Professional Tip:  If using assigned seating, in addition to table numbers, you will need a seating chart to direct guests to the table they are assigned to. At many wedding receptions, the table-seating chart is displayed at the door to the reception room. Though very common, this is actually an example of poor planning because it tends to create a traffic jam and bottleneck at the door. This impedes people from being enter the reception room easily, and slows the seating process. Instead, do what experienced and savvy wedding planners do: locate the seating  chart further away from the venue door / entrance. Have someone at the door who directs incoming guests to the location of the seating chart. A lot of couples today are also creating a visual experience around the seating chart  with more creative seating chart ideas to match the creativity behind their table numbers. We’ve got ideas for you for that as well!

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