Wedding Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards in Place Card Holder

Wedding place cards are customary at wedding receptions where assigned seating is used.  Once guests have arrived at the reception, they will consult the seating chart to determine their table numbers (which will direct them to the table they have been assigned to sit at).

A More Personalized Experience for Guests

Apart from this very practical purpose, wedding place cards help make a wedding feel more personalized because they show your guests that you thought of them specifically when you drew up your seating plan and table arrangements for the reception.

Know Everyone’s Name – No Cheating or Chinsing Out!

And keep in mind, you will need to have place cards for dates, escorts, or guests of your guests, so make an effort to find out their names! When you send out your wedding invitations, leave room on the reply cards for single wedding guests to write in their dates’ names. If its too late for that, or if some of your guests didn’t indicate the name of their guest (escort or date) as is pretty common, call or email them to ask the full name of his or her date for the wedding place cards.

Once you have a list of the names of everyone who will be attending your wedding reception, make a place card for each person. Don’t  use one place card for a couple – each person must get their own place card because there should be a place card at each and every place setting at the reception tables.

Creating Signature Place Settings

In combination with thoughtfully chosen wedding place card holders, your wedding place cards can help you create signature place settings and give your reception that designer feel.

Place cards are yet another visual element that can help carry your theme cohesively throughout your reception. Weddings today are so much more imaginative and expressive than they have ever been before, and wedding place cards have become much more visually interesting and creative as a result. Place cards are one of the style elements used in creating signature place settings.


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