Creative Wedding Table Names

Creative Wedding Table Names - Image of name on reception table

At most wedding receptions, guests consult a seating chart or escort cards to guide them to their seats when they arrive at the reception.

While you certainly can name your reception tables by number (1 – 15, for example) as is quite standard, it often  does nothing to add style or personality to your wedding – unless you get really creative with stylizing your reception table numbers.  But moreover, there’s always the question that guests have in their minds… does the fact that they were seated at table number 15 mean that they are less appreciated by you than the guests you sat at table number 4, for example…? (Yes, people really do wonder about these things!).

Why not take the opportunity to do something a little more interesting, creative, fun, personalized or expressive – and also avoid the potential for hurt feelings and slights; assign creative names to your tables.

For instance, at the wedding reception of a couple of school teachers (see photo above), they named each table after a school subject such as chemistry, biology, physics, language arts, geography….

Here are some terrific ideas for creative wedding table names.

Creative wedding table names will either tell a story about the bride and groom or fit in with the theme of the wedding (or at least the style of the affair, if there is no particular wedding theme).

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a particularly creative person or you are having a very traditional wedding, the table names is one area where you can get creative and have a little fun doing something a little more interesting. If chosen well, creative wedding table names will help to establish the mood and atmosphere you are trying to create for your wedding.

If your wedding has a theme, choosing creative names for tables will come easily.

For instance, if you are planning an “Old Hollywood Glamor” theme wedding, complete with a red carpet, each of your wedding tables might be named after a famous movie star, such as Marilyn Monroe or Jean Harlow. Or they could be names after the names of movies such as “Casablanca” and “Gone With the Wind”.

Wedding Table Names from Movies

Or if you are having a tropical theme wedding, choose related names like luau, Pina Colada, and palms, pineapple, etc.

Once you get rolling, you’ll find you can come up with more creative wedding table name ideas than you even have tables.

Table names which relate to the bride and groom give your wedding personalization. If you have no particular theme, why not name all the tables after your favorite books, movies, songs, or places. These sorts of creative table names create a terrific conversation starter for your wedding guests at the reception.

You can build your wedding around a theme without naming the theme, and see how long it takes your guests to piece it together. Before you know it, your Aunt Mildred and old college roommate will be happily chatting about whether Grace Kelly was better in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, “To Catch a Thief”, or “Dial M for Murder”.

Some couples like to tie their wedding table names into their honeymoon destination. For a honeymoon to Paris, choose from Parisian landmarks or names such as the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, The Ritz, The Eiffel Tower, or The City of Lights. Or use words related to French food or dining like patisserie and croissant.

Or come up with creative wedding table names that celebrate your roots; a pair of newlyweds from New York could name their reception tables Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and 42nd Street. To make it even more entertaining, print a picture of each location under its name on your seating chart, and place the same picture in the center of the table by the same name.

One last idea for creative wedding table names is to name your wedding reception tables in honor of family members. This idea is even better when images are posted at each table of the honorees. If you can find old wedding photos, showing your favorite relatives on their wedding day will add even more meaning and personalization to the wedding, and provide guests with another great conversation starter. What’s really special about this way of coming up with names for your wedding tables is that you will be honoring and including your loved ones in your wedding in yet another way, even those who cannot be there in person.

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