Photo Booths: A Fun Idea for Wedding Receptions, But Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Fun and Unique Wedding Reception Ideas - Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun wedding reception idea that keeps guests amused and provide some lasting keepsakes that everyone will enjoy – not just the bridal couple but the guests too. But there a pros and cons to including a photo booth at your wedding, read on to make sure you don’t end up disappointed.  Read on…..

Chalkboard theme wedding photo booth
Chalkboard Photo Booth: Photo Credit

Having a photo booth at your wedding will give your guests a reasons to smile, excuses to make funny faces, and the ultimate icebreaker for people to socialize and engage with each other. A photo print is a very personalized and meaningful wedding favor which will lead to your guests either framing it or placing on their fridge. They will always remember your special celebration!

But the flip side to consider is that a photo booth could possibly be a bit of a distraction, sort of detract from the party atmosphere and keep folks off the dance floor.

But… that’s where the design and execution come into play! Some of the newest trends are custom photo booth “build outs” like those offered by Kouture Booth in Atlanta that blend in with the wedding decor all the way down to the theme and lighting. Yes these are obviously going to be more expensive but if you’re looking for a really personalized one-of-a-kind wedding, this is one way to get it. Afterall, your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, right? Just be sure to check with your photo booth vendor and check out examples of their work and previous clients.

Ten or so years ago, we’d never really seen or heard of photo booths at weddings. Now, they’re pretty much a thing.

A lot of couples have them, but no pressure — they’re certainly not a “requirement”.

Think about whether this is an expense that you feel really makes a difference to your wedding experience and that of your guests. If hiring a photo booth company just isn’t in your budget, think DIY. With a little creativity you can always make your own backdrop that guests can pose in front of.

Some of the cool things of including a photo booth at your wedding are:

  • You’ll get an additional, less formal set of wedding photos. These snaps are so much fun for you to look through after the wedding.
  • Its great to see pics of friends and family having fun at your wedding. Your professional photos will be beautiful for framing and for your formal wedding album, but flipping through photo booth snaps is a totally different experience and another great way to remember your wedding.
  • Guests have a lot of fun posing at the photo booth and its an additional source of entertainment. These snaps are tons of fun for the couple to look through after the wedding, too. Think of it as a way to see what friends were up to when you weren’t around. Your professional photos will be great for framing and hanging in your home but flipping through an album filled with photo booth snaps is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for years to come.
  • If you get the kind of photo booth that prints photo strips, these do double duty as wedding favors – the kind your guests will actually really enjoy and want to keep.

Photobooth Downsides to Consider

  • Expense: There are often additional expenses beyond just the product and service. You’ll need to provide a meal for the vendor running the booth and some also require that you cover their cost of transportation and mileage, plus web hosting fees for photos that are available for digital download, and any extra printing or album costs. If your booth doesn’t come with props or lighting, you’ll likely need to budget for those as well.
  • Distraction & Disruption:  As alluded to earlier, depending on where you place your photo booth, and when you have it open to guests, its presence can create a but of a distraction from the party and splits the party up a bit. Couples often have the photo booth open after dinner and locate it near the dance floor area. But this interactive activity can be a distraction from the rest of the reception as people line up for the booth and/or have fun watching others pose. The dance floor can end up empty and that can end up being a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, it can provide amusement for guests who aren’t into dancing, but think this one out ahead of time so you aren’t unhappy with how things play out.

When During the Wedding Do You Set Up the Photo Booth?

Cocktail Hour

Have the photo booth set up and ready to shoot before the guests enter the reception hall and let guests have fun at the booth during cocktail hour. That way it doesn’t distract from the dancing portion of the evening, as we cautioned about earlier.

Dance Floor Opens

Once guest’s have had a chance to relax over dinner and enjoy a glass or two of wine (or whatever) they often become more relaxed and less inhibited, so that can make for a lot of fun and some really great pics. And while you don’t want it to create a distraction from the dance floor as we said, the other side of that is that it may keep people who don’t dance at the wedding. You don’t want guests guests sitting around and slowly becoming bored. Without a little entertainment, some people may leave the party after the meal if they aren’t into drinking alcohol or dancing.

Main Course Is Served

You might only have limited hours for use of the photo booth. Because of the limitations in the time, some couples end up having to open the photo booth during dinner. This is really the least optimal idea, and if it comes down to that, we’re tempted to say just skip it. You’re paying for your guests to have a lovely, enjoyable meal, and you don’t want it sitting there getting cold while they wait in line to have their photo snapped. There will also be a lot of guests or have that same concern – they dont want their dinner to get cold, so they pass on the photo booth, which is kind of a disappointment and a but of a bust, so at that point, why even bother?

Is a Photobooth Right for Your Wedding?

With the added innovative features like the digital backdrops, instant prints, video recordings, and the advanced lighting equipment; and, of course, the funny props, a photo can add some extra fun to your reception. The photo strip printouts make a fun keepsake of your wedding – the kind guests will actually keep for a change! But consider the cost and the other factors we laid out here, and remember its just an option, not a must-have.

Set up an entertaining photo booth with fun prop. A prop that relates to your wedding theme if you have one will help develop your theme further. Guests get to take home their photo as your “wedding favor” for them to remember your wedding by.If you can’t instantly print to the pictures for them, send them out with your thank you cards!

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