Roll Out the Red Carpet for a Celebrity Style Wedding

Red carpet at celebrity style wedding

Give your wedding a ‘celebrity style’ wedding theme and roll out the red carpet.  Here a red carpet covers the center aisle in the reception venue, looking very Hollywood (and so stunning) when paired with a formal black and white color scheme.

Theme weddings are so much fun for guests to attend.  If you want to break out of the “cookie cutter” wedding mold, a theme wedding is the way to fly.  You’ll have so much fun planning a celebrity-style wedding (or any theme wedding – they are always great fun to plan), it will really challenge your imagination.  Once the ideas start flowing, they tend to keep flowing and it can be a fabulous exercise in creativity.

To get those creative juices flowing for you, we’ve got some really fun ideas for a celebrity style theme wedding.  Read on….

Give Guests the Red Carpet Treatment 

Walking down the aisle on red carpet goes without saying for a celebrity style wedding.  But your wedding will be so much more fun if you make guests feel like they’re celebrities too.  A really great theme wedding is all about the guest’s experience, so you want to make them part of it.  Give them the ‘red carpet’ treatment by renting a red carpet to dress up the entrance to the wedding reception.  Check local party rental shops for the red carpet.

Invite the Paparazzi!

Its not a celebrity style event without the paparazzi, so let this be one occasion that they are actually invited to attend!  Enlist a few helpers with real cameras (cell phones won’t be authentic!) to be part of the fun.  Have them gather at the entrance to the reception snapping photos as guests arrive. Make sure those flash bulbs are going off!  After the wedding, you can include a photo of each guest in the thank you cards you send to them.

And The There’s The News Media…

Assign an attendant to greet guests as they arrive and act as a celebrity interviewer with a ‘mike’ to add to the overall celebrity feel.  In keeping with the theme, equip him with questions to ask the guests, like  “How do you know the couple”? or “Any funny insider stories you can share with us about the bride and groom”?

Of course, this would be the obvious place for a camera man (your Videographer) to be stationed with “cameras rolling”.

Guests can then stop at the photo station to have their picture taken.   Have a celebrity-style back drop with your names printed in a repeat pattern, mimicking the backdrops printed with sponsors names that celebs pose in front of at big events.

Celebrity-Style Treatment

Next, guests move on to sign the guest book and upon entering the venue a service butler passes them a glass of champagne from a tray while they listen to the music at the piano bar.

This is a great way for your guests to kick back while the wedding party are having their photo’s done.  You just need to hire a pianist for an hour or two, not for the whole evening, simply to add to the ambiance as guests are arriving.

A D.J. or live band will set the mood for the remainder of the evening.

Evening Attire

Send out an enclosure with your wedding invitations to let guests know the wedding’s celebrity-style theme.  Invite (don’t require!) guests to come dressed in evening attire befitting of a celebrity event.


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