Vintage Candy Buffet at Outdoor Wedding

Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet idea at outdoor wedding.

Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet

A beautiful Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet makes a lovely idea for an outdoor wedding reception – although you could just as easily steal this Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet if your wedding reception is indoors as well…

A stunning vintage table (a flea market find!) is positioned on the grass;  freshly painted in white, this pretty, ornate table is used for a candy buffet table.

How to Recreate this Look for your Reception:

To replicate this Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet idea, just follow the simple steps in this design breakdown:

Use “cotton candy trees” as the backdrop for the tablescape.  Simply arrange cotton candy cones in containers, just as you would arrange a bouquet of flowers.

Select 5 vintage candy jars of varying heights to display on the table.  You can buy these online – just run search.

If necessary, you can vary the heights by elevating some of the jars on a stack of 3 or 4 old books – this will also help further bring forth the vintage theme.  For a slightly different look, you can cover the books with a fabric table cover so they are concealed, but they still give you the height you are looking for

Fill each glass candy jar with a  different type of candy – try jelly beans, mints, M&Ms, conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts… whatever you enjoy.

Add a few clusters of flowers sitting right on the table for added visual interest, and include one or two floral arrangements in vintage urns to complete the look.  Shop flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops for the urns. You’ll be surprised what treasures you can find for cheap! Get yourself a can of spray paint if you want to freshen them up, or use them just as is (its vintage, after all!).

A Vintage Wedding Candy Buffet like this helps create a very romantic mood, is so very beautiful to look at, and is certain to impress your guests in a way they will remember.

A vintage wedding is a lot of fun to plan, because so much imagination and creativity goes into them.  If you’re planning a vintage wedding, you’ll want to spend a lot of time cruising thrift stores and flea markets.  These are a great source of ideas and inspiration.  Often one flea market find will give life to the entire theme, and you can build all of the other visual elements around it.  So if you are struggling to come up with ideas for your vintage wedding, the thrift stores and flea markets are absolutely the place to start.

A vintage wedding is not only a lot of fun for the couple (or wedding planner) to plan, but guests tend to really enjoy them too because they totally break out of the same-old, same old “cookie cutter mold” and are usually unlike any other wedding.  Guests find them fun and interesting!  If you want your wedding to be personalized, individualized, memorable and unique, a vintage wedding could be perfect for you.

Get more fabulous vintage wedding ideas to inspire you!  Have fun!

Photo Credit: B Sweet Candy Boutique

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