Wedding Reception Ceiling Decor: Winter Wonderland Theme

Winter Wonderland Wedding Reception: Ceiling Decor

A gorgeous wedding reception decorated to the hilt for a winter wonderland theme. This high-end reception is obviously priced out of the budget for most couples, but you can snaffle some inspiration to use for the decor at your own wedding. The key elements consist of flowers, candles and twinkling lights suspended from the ceiling.

To bring out the winter wonderland theme, a palette of silver, blue and white is used to perfectly capture the essence of the season.

Long rectangular reception tables are all dressed up in white embroidered table covers, with matching covers for the chairs. Skip the embroidery and save a bundle with standard white table linens supplied by your reception facility or banquet hall.

Super-tall silver and crysal candelabra are placed in a row along the center of the table (spaced every two place settings apart).  Each is topped by a huge round floral arrangement of white and ivory roses, surrounded by 4 taper candles.

Between the candelabra, along the center of the tables, are positioned white taper candles in holders in addition to smaller versions of the round ivory and white floral arrangements.

An abundance of shimmering votive candles are lined along the center of the table as well.

No shortage of candles at this reception, and it is beautiful.

Blue dinner plates are a perfect complement to the white table covers, and contrast nicely with the white menu cards resting upon them. To keep the visual interest going, mix it up a bit by pairing a white bread and butter plate next to a blue dinner plate.

Perhaps what really lends the magic to this event setting is the reception ceiling decor – the multitude of tiny twinkling lights suspended from the ceiling, perfectly recreating the effect of a starry winter sky.  Nothing short of magical!

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One thought on “Wedding Reception Ceiling Decor: Winter Wonderland Theme

  1. Wow, just WOW! LOVE this. Can you just envision walking into that wedding reception and seeing that decor?! This is seriously a dream wedding!

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