Elegant Back Yard Wedding Reception on a Budget

Back yard wedding reception

A back yard wedding reception can offer a terrific option for saving money on your wedding, while still pulling off a super-elegant event. The pool-side reception shown here in the back yard of the bride’s parents cost a mere $10,000 and was filled with elegance and ambiance. That’s an enormous savings as compared to what it would have cost if the reception were held in a hotel or other reception venue.

Backyard wedding reception with twinkle lights.Twinkle lights and lots of candles add a magical feeling to this backyard wedding reception.

But as romantic as it sounds, be warned…  A back yard wedding is not without its risks, and requires extremely careful consideration and planning.

The most risky aspect of a backyard reception is, of course, the weather. Unless you live somewhere like California where the weather tends to be stable, you need a back up plan for what will happen if the weather does not cooperate. And unfortunately, a back up plan can be expensive.

Backyard wedding reception with twinkle lights.Photo via ohbestdayever.com

Its always recommended to have an indoor option available in case it rains, so make sure that the home can properly and comfortably accommodate all those guests if the reception has to be moved indoors at the last minute.

Wedding tent for backyard wedding reception.

Photo from dandjtents.com

Some couples rent a tent as back-up for an outdoor reception. But what you need to factor in is the cost of that tent.  You might be surprised at what a tent will set you back once you start getting quotes and prices. And a tent needs lighting and flooring (ladies in heals with sink in the grass, so tent flooring is a must), all of which also must be rented.

And what about restroom facilities? Will it be practical to have guests using the rest room in the house, or would it be best to rent port-a-potties?

Cozy corner with fire pit at backyard wedding receptionA cozy corner with chairs gathered round a fire pit is a nice element
to include at a backyard wedding reception. Photo from BHG.

You might be surprised how much all this will cost. It really adds up, and many couples who have planned an outdoor reception to save money actually end up paying more in the end than they would have in a reception venue. Just something to think about.

Again, with careful planning and proper consideration given to all factors, a back yard wedding can be a dream, but without a proper back up plan, and careful calculation of all costs, it could also turn into a nightmare – in more ways than one. So keep these things in mind when moving forward with your plan for a back yard wedding reception.

Outdoor wedding reception picture

Pictured above, an outdoor wedding reception set up banquet style, with a series of long rectangular tables placed in rows.

We love that the tables and chairs match, and are complimentary to the outdoor setting, made of study wood with a deep dark burgandy-brown stain. Almost like high-end picnic tables, they combine an outdoorsy feel with a certain level of elegance.  Just imagine how different this wedding reception would look and feel if ordinary banquet tables from a party rental supply had been used in place of the ones here. HUGE difference.

The strings of small-ish globe lights strung over the outdoor reception area lend a festive feel to the setting. Its not even dark yet, and already the lights bring forth the mood – who says lighting like this can only be turned on at night?

Notice, too, that the reception table decorations are kept to a bare minimum – a menu card with a tiny shot of color sits on top of the dinner plate at each place setting. Votive candles in clear glass holders light up the center of each table, running from one end of the table straight through to the other end. Simple arrangements of cut flowers in small vases are also placed up the center of each table every couple of place settings apart.

In a relaxed, casual and colorful style, the vases are of varying heights, and an assortment of different flowers are used from one vase to the next, though staying within the same color families.

When you have an outdoor reception, the natural setting really lends itself to the atmosphere and decor, so you really don’t need to go heavy on wedding decorations.

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