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Wedding Floral Design Course

Wedding Flowers - Floral Design Course

An Internet-Assisted Distance Education Program by
The International Institute of Weddings & SuperWeddings.com

Wedding Flowers - Head Table Decor - Bridal Table DecorationsA Course Exclusively About Wedding Floral Design

All photos shown on this page feature 
the floral design work of our actual students.

Do you have an interest in floral design and a passion for weddings? At last, a highly specialized home study course focusing exclusively on wedding floral design is available for you. That's correct - exclusively wedding floral design. No funeral flowers or hospital arrangements like the lessons in so many other floral design courses - instead, we'll focus intensively on flowers for weddings - and only weddings. After all, weddings are where the glamor and excitement is! And, if you are also interested in turning your floral design skills into a business or at least some extra income in your spare time, weddings are DEFINITELY where the money is.

Learn From the Comfort and Convenience of Your Own Home

Better still, all training is done through home study so that you can you can fit your training into your lifestyle; it won't disrupt your existing schedule or time commitments. You can learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home, at a pace which is comfortable to you. Do your learning when you are in the mood - on any day of the week, at any time of the day or night that works for you. We give you one full year to complete the course and earn your certificate in Wedding Floral Design. This is more than enough time for anyone to complete it, however, if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from submitting the course work within the one year time frame, we are very reasonable and will consider any request for an extension on a case by case basis.

Extensive Training Material

Your extensive training materials include our large training manual consisting of more than 425 pages, written in an interesting and easy to follow manner, featuring step by step instructions, photographs, diagrams and jam-packed with all of the information you need for an exciting learning experience - all of which will immediately be shipped to your door once you register for the course. While you study the training manual and go through the lessons, the course instructor is available to support and assist you with anything you need. If you have questions, need advice, or want further guidance, help is just an email away.

Hundreds of Satisfied Students

Every year, hundreds of highly satisfied students use our training programs to successfully pursue their dreams within the wedding industry. They have told us that our home study training programs have changed their lives, opened up new doors of opportunity for them, and made it possible for them to achieve their dreams. That means the world to us! Weddings are an awesome field - always filled with fun and exciting new experiences - and we take great pride and satisfaction in giving our students the specialized knowledge and skills they need to enjoy a future doing something they love in this fabulous industry. We want to help you do the same; we are committed to your success, and to providing you with a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.

Pictured above: Students have successfully used our courses to open their own florist shops. This student and her two daughters enjoy the ability to share their passion for weddings and flowers with each other, and find great reward in operating their "family business" together. They opened for business shortly after completing our courses several years ago, and have been enjoying success ever since.

Ongoing Support Just an Email Away

Even though you'll enjoy the luxury of studying in the comfort of your own home, you are never alone. The support of an instructor is always just an email away anytime you have questions, need clarification, or would like advice. We've been training students from all around the world via home study, with support provided by email, since 1999 with great success. Our teaching methods work!

No Previous Floral Design Experience Required

With this one-of-a-kind training program, no previous experience with floral design is required. We'll start you right from the beginning. And if you do have experience in floral design on an informal, self-taught, or hobby basis, this course will ensure that you learn the proper techniques, methods, and theory of professional floral design, to enable you to be the best designer you can be.

An Enjoyable Learning Experience

Learning about something you love and are genuinely interested in is fun - it's never boring or dull! As you learn more and more, and you see your skills developing quickly, your excitement grows. And with that, your confidence in yourself as a designer will grow too.

Wedding FlowersFloral Design - Relaxing & Profitable

Floral design is a fascinating art form which has it's origins in ancient history - people have been enjoying floral design literally since the beginning of civilization. It's little wonder that humans have been drawn to the art of floral design and flower arranging for for so very long - it instills a sense of relaxation, it's a wonderful creative outlet, and can be a rewarding, fulfilling, enjoyable way to spend one's time.

Many people indulge in floral design purely as recreation. But it can also be very profitable for those who choose to pursue it as a career or business, whether as a serious full time occupation, or simply to earn some extra spending money while doing something you really enjoy. For many, it is like living a dream to have the ability to to earn terrific money while doing something you'd happily spend your own free time on!

When you indulge your creative instincts, it calms the soul, clears the mind, and lifts the spirit. By so intently focusing your attention on the design you are creating, you are taken into almost a meditative state, forgetting about life's other pressures. It's so satisfying to use your own creativity to achieve a beautiful end-result, and with that comes a rewarding sense of accomplishment every time - no matter how long you have been designing, or how many floral arrangements you have made in the past.






Order TODAY & we'll include a BONUS DVD featuring 2 solid hours
of exciting, high quality step-by-step how-to demonstrations by a
master floral designer on how to create exciting
Wedding Floral Decor.

For a limited time only.

We reserve the right to remove  this offer without advance notice.
Order today to avoid disappointment


All photos shown on this page feature the floral design work of our actual students.





"I have learned SO MUCH from
the course and can never tell you
just how much I appreciate
the opportunity you have given me
to learn so much more than
I could ever have expected."

~ Pam K.
Enterprise, Mississippi


"I was very satisfied with the course.
I would certainly recommend it.
For me the course included all
of the topics and areas
I had hoped it would".

~ Stacey Cudzilo
Holley, New York


"Dear Linda,
The certification for this
program was something I
really wanted to have to be
able to let brides know that
I am a certified
Wedding Floral Designer.
You have been a wonderful
and helpful person to work
with and I look forward to
working with you even more
in the future as you develop
more courses that I can take.
I've learned so much.

PS: I'll send the photos
from my niece's wedding.
 I can tell you that
what I learned during the
course was a definite help!
Thanks again."

~ Pam K.
Enterprise, Mississippi


"It was great to hear my results
from the project and portfolio.
The project was challenging
but still fun! I'm so happy I
did this course. Currently I'm
working for a textile company,
but I would like to start my
own wedding flower business
in the future. For me, completing
this program is the first step
to make my dream come true.
It was really nice that I could
find this program and learn
so many things.
Thank you so much!"

~ Satomi Y.



Order TODAY & we'll
include a BONUS DVD
featuring 2 solid hours
of exciting, high quality
step-by-step how-to
demonstrations by a
master floral designer
on how to create exciting
Wedding Floral Decor.
For a limited time only.
We reserve the right to remove
 this offer without advance notice.
Order today to avoid disappointment


Yes, We Have a
Payment Plan!


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