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The Advantages of Homebased Business

In the current economic climate of constant downsizing, a noticeable movement towards homebased businesses is sweeping the nation. As more and more workers continue to be thrown into an already over-crowded and hostile job market, increasing numbers of individuals are looking at establishing businesses of their own to create income and security for themselves.

Homebased businesses have emerged as a definite trend in the area of new business starts. In fact, since 1989, the number of homebased businesses in the US and Canada has increased by more than an astounding 50% and experts predict that the next ten years will see even more dramatic increases. Homebased businesses are currently the most rapidly growing segment of the American and Canadian economies, reports the Homebased Business Network, an association for homebased business owners.

The homebased business concept is gaining popularity in rural areas and small communities, too, where fewer job opportunities are available.

As well, many parents with young families are looking to homebased businesses as a viable way to juggle staying at home with the children without sacrificing income.

 Gone is the concept of the homebased business as a "hobby business". A great deal of very serious, highly respected and legitimate business is now done by homebased businesses. In fact, figures for the U.S. show that a whopping $427 billion in revenues are generated annually by homebased businesses.

Working from home offers numerous advantages, which include zero commuting time or transportation costs, optimum time management and flexibility, the ability to stay home with young children, a variety of tax benefits and, of course, the convenience of being able to earn a living without leaving the comfort of home.

Many homebased businesses can be operated on either a full or part time basis. Even if you are currently employed it is completely feasible to operate a homebased business on a part time basis for extra income, and then convert it to full time as it grows.

Homebased businesses are typically relatively easy and inexpensive to start, making the goal of owning a business attainable for anyone with a good idea and a little know-how. The goal of Leader Publishing & Information Services is to provide that know-how. Because of the low overhead involved with operating a business from home, risk is minimized and profitability can be realized far more quickly than in businesses of other forms.

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