The Burgundy and Gold Wedding


Burgundy and gold wedding table decoration ideas.

Burgundy and gold color swatchesThe Burgundy and Gold wedding color scheme is rich,  elegant, opulent, and regal.  Its most often seen at formal weddings, but burgundy and gold can also work well at weddings with a more relaxed vibe (for ideas, see the photo below of the paper circle garland to get an idea of how you can create some fun reception decor with use this color scheme).

Burgundy and gold wedding color palette

Burgundy and Gold was one of the hottest wedding color palettes in 2015. But it’s still a popular choice as a wedding color scheme and can be used any time because it is truly timeless.

We often see a lot of burgundy and gold weddings in the fall or autumn, or as a popular choice for holiday season weddings. It’s a color combination that evokes warmth and seasonal characteristics.  But because of its formal feel, it’s appropriate for weddings any time of year when a regal  or dramatic mood is what you are shooting for. Its truly is a visually striking wedding color palette.

Take a look at some ideas of how you can incorporate the luxurious burgundy and gold color scheme into your wedding details.

Burgundy and gold paper circles garland

Although a burgundy and gold wedding color scheme is often used to convey a regal mood for a wedding, these paper circle garlands show that you can have a little fun with it.  They look fabulous when suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor, or hanging above the entire reception room.

Burgandy and gold wedding table decorations - large paper confettie circles

Here’s another similar and super-fun idea:  Burgundy and gold paper confetti circles can be used as funky table decorations.  Use all one size, or mix different sizes together, then simply scatter on your wedding reception tables.  The glitter ads a pop of glam, but you can go glitter-less if you prefer. Mix glittered and non-glittered circles together, or keep them all the same kind.

Burgandy and Gold Wedding Table Setting

Burgundy and gold fall wedding invitation idea.Above, Fall Wedding? Burgundy and gold wedding invitation.

Below, a response card for a more formal invitation to a burgundy and gold wedding – accented with a splash of glitter for added glam.

Burgundy and Gold Wedding Invitation

Burgundy and gold bridal bouquetThe Burgundy and Gold Wedding Bouquet

Nothing says “autumn wedding” like a burgundy and gold bridal bouquet – rustic and earthy, while regal and elegant all at the same time.

Hope these ideas got your own creative flow going!  There is so much you can do with this color scheme.

Are you thinking of going with a burgundy and gold wedding color palette?  We’d love to hear your ideas. Did you have a burgundy and gold wedding?  Let’s see some pics!

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