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The Wedding Consulting & Coordination Program offered by home-study through the Professional Development Department at is structured into two "sessions".


The material in Session I serves as an essential foundation for the subject matter covered in Session II. Session I provides a thorough foundation of understanding of the wedding consulting field and helps the student to become better familiarized with the role of the wedding coordinator in the year 2005 and beyond; it also explains the reasons for the increasing demand for wedding coordinators, and how the student can benefit from the manner in which the industry has been evolving. The student is provided with a thorough understanding of the numerous motivating factors and reasons prospective clients have for considering the services of a wedding coordinator. Through this in-depth understanding, the student is better able to market her/his-self and serve the needs of her/his clients when she/he establishes business operations. A discussion of the "psychology of the bride" is also included to provide the consultant with a better understanding of the wants, needs, desires, and goals of her clients, which make for improved client/consultant relations and allows the consultant to offer an elevated level of client satisfaction.

Session I then moves into a new section devoted to the establishment of the business foundation. Here the student is led, step by step, through the entire process of setting the wedding consulting service on the ground from a strong business perspective. A highly broad range of topics are covered.

These include, *but are not limited to*, developing a business "concept" and "formula", how to conduct market research in your local area when developing your business, how to distinguish yourself from the competition by developing your own highly distinct business identity, how to create strategic competitive advantages for your business, how to select a powerful business name.

The student is also led through the legal requirements for establishing the business - this includes, *but is not limited to* name registration, accounting, tax deductions for the home based wedding consultant, and much more so that processes which can often be extremely confusing instead become simplified and very straight forward.

The student is further guided through the process of estimating her expected rate of market share for her local area, and is given formulas to utilize in calculating income projections. Further included are discussions on building a portfolio (techniques which can be used even if the student has no previous professional wedding consulting experience to include), setting up the home office and consultation area for the professional wedding consultant in a manner which instills confidence in prospective clients, what needs to be considered in projecting a professional image, and subtle techniques which can be utilized by the consultant in persuading the client that you are the ONLY person for the job of planning and coordinating her wedding.

Additionally included is powerful and extensive instruction on the most successful and industry-specific marketing and promotional techniques which can be used by the professional wedding coordinator/consultant to attract business; the student learns through the experiences of highly successful consultants which methods are most cost efficient and beneficial - which methods to avoid, and which methods they MUST use in order to generate the greatest level of business among potential clients. Several methods of how to get free advertising and promotion in the field of wedding consulting are also revealed. The student is taught how to make their business stand out from the competition and how to develop a strong competitive advantage.

 A highly detailed explanation of all the various pricing and fee setting methods used by wedding consultants is given, including precise calculation formulas used within the industry. Students are further instructed on developing contracts for the business (samples are provided), how to develop a payment structure (typical structures used for determining when to collect client deposits, subsequent payments, and the balance due).

Finally, students are provided with expert advice on breaking into the business and landing the first clients even if they have no previous professional wedding planning experience to offer. The course addresses & offers powerful solutions for the age old dilemma of what happens when you can't get your first client because you don't have professional experience, but you can't get professional experience until you can get your first clients! Students are provided with the tricks of the trade for overcoming such obstacles are getting their businesses rolling as quickly as possible.

Upon completion of Session I at whatever pace the student is comfortable with, students working towards their certificate for completing the program will be asked to complete and submit an assignment. This assignment is designed to demonstrate the student's level of preparedness for successfully implementing the principals taught in Session I in a real-world environment.

But most importantly, the assignment / test is designed to essentially lead the student by the hand, step by step through the process of putting all of the building blocks of the business in place. It is literally a 'blueprint" for the successful establishment of the wedding consulting business.

It has been developed to really get the student "thinking" along the necessary lines to obtain a successful start-up.

By answering the questions in the assignment / test, the student eliminates all possible risk of having left any stone unturned with regards to building a solid foundation for business. Upon completion of this assignment / test, the student should have an unparalleled sense of "clarity" and direction about the consulting business she/he is starting - something which is commonly absent among new consultants, and which typically impedes their ability for success. The entire exercise is also designed to make obvious any areas of weakness the student may have so that further guidance and strengthening in those specific areas can be provided by the instructor to increase the new consultant's likelihood of success.


After completion of the Session I assignment / test, the student may then move on to Session II. Session II provides instruction on the hands-on activities and responsibilities of professional wedding planning, client interaction and relations, and vendor/supplier relations. Detailed explanation is given on all of the possible services, and levels of services which may be offered by the consultant, so that the consultant may decide precisely what she/he will, or will not, do for her/his clients.

You will be taken through the process of assembling a vendor data base, networking with and evaluating vendors, providing the client with vendor recommendations, assisting the client with vendor negotiations, how to review and advise the client on vendor contracts. You will receive instruction on professional wedding budget development and management. You will be taught how to design the various schedules and time-lines required by the client. Crucial issues relating to professional wedding planning at all of the various stages in the planning process are discussed and explained. You will learn how to coordinate a wedding rehearsal, how to negotiate and arrange accommodations and travel for out of town guests if required, and detailed instruction on the various activities involved with the coordination of the actual wedding day will be given.

At the completion of Session II, the student is asked to complete a final assignment / test which will allow the instructor to assess the student's level of readiness to begin professionally coordinating weddings for clients. If any areas of weakness are spotted, the instructor will provide the student with additional guidance in order to further prepare the student for the launch of her/his business.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will earn a Certificate of Completion in Professional Wedding Consulting and Coordination.

Individualized Instruction

Throughout this program, course developer and head instructor Linda Kevich works with you via email to monitor your progress and she will personally provide any assistance you may require with the course material. If you should require any clarification during your studies, Linda Kevich is on hand to assist and guide you in getting your wedding consulting business/career off the ground. She is always an email away if you have any questions or need additional guidance. She welcomes your questions and requests for assistance.

Ms. Kevich has been a professional wedding consultant for ten years. She is creator and editor of the popular wedding planning website,

The site is widely recognized for the quality content it provides to bride-to-be on the subject of weddings, and is used as a reference source by wedding consultants throughout the US, Canada, and countries around the world, including England, Australia, the Philippines, Egypt, South Africa and Malaysia. Read what brides-to-be and other visitors to have to say about the expert advice Ms. Kevich offers on the site.

Ms Kevich has an extensive background in the wedding industry which extends beyond the field of consulting alone and into bridal marketing, merchandising, bridal wear design, retail, mailorder, wholesale, manufacturing, and more. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Ecology where her studies included bridal fashion design, marketing and merchandising; communications; family and marital studies; psychology; sociology; and economics - all of which rendered her well equipped for her subsequent career in the field of wedding consulting and in the wedding industry in general. Ms Kevich is a wedding industry expert, known for her innovative and powerful approaches to marketing to brides-to-be. She has been a business consultant and coach to wedding industry professionals since 1994. She currently works with new and established members of the wedding industry from across the US and Canada in developing and strengthening their business concepts, marketing formulas, and advertising/promotional campaigns. Her consulting rate is $175 per hour. Wedding business owners who are interested in her consulting and coaching services can contact her here.

It is this level of experience and expertise which she brings to students of the Wedding Consulting and Coordination Program presently offered through the Professional Development Division at at the all-inclusive fee of $495 US (plus shipping). Students are charged no additional fees for the individualized attention they receive from Ms Kevich during the course of their training and studies.

The Wedding Consulting and Coordination Course offered through the Professional Development Division of is the most extensive and thorough program of its kind offered at this price point - or anywhere close to it. Comparable programs which offer this in-depth level of instruction or the hands-on interaction between instructor and student are priced in the $1500 - $2500 (US) range.

The Professional Development Department at is committed to providing the best value and training available at the most affordable price possible in the field of wedding consulting, however, the $495 (US dollars) price-point is limited time pricing only and will be subject to increases in the future (after 30 days).

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