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Since 1999, The Wedding Consultant Training Program offered by the Professional Development Division of and The International Institute of Weddings has assisted hundreds of individuals internationally in successfully launching wedding consultant careers and businesses - quickly and effectively.

Through this unique training program, individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, in a wide variety of locations - from major metropolitan cities, to small rural towns, in North America and abroad - have been able to realize their dreams of pursuing careers in the field of wedding consulting. The fact that this program has been used to fully to prepare such a diverse range of individuals to establish successful businesses in this field speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our training methods, and sets this program apart from any other course which is remotely similar. It is not uncommon for students of this program to have their first client prior to even completing the course (if they are actively working to establish the business in the process), and certainly, within a relatively short time of having completed it. That is how powerful and effective this program is in imparting knowledge. That is how quickly students of this program learn.

Interactive Learning

Although this is a distance education program, it is extremely interactive and there is a very high element of personalized and individualized attention given to every student who desires it. Each student has the opportunity to work closely with wedding expert Linda Kevich, the course developer, via e-mail, in a one-on-one environment. The instructor, in many respects, goes beyond the role of just 'instructor' and is in essence more like a "business coach". She will be available to provide encouragement and advice, answer any questions you have, and offer guidance on your overall plan for entering this profession (which you will develop based on the lessons taught in the course material). All you need to do is ask, and she will be happy to provide any additional assistance you may require. She is committed to your success. All feedback provided by the instructor is extremely thorough and highly specific in nature. Whenever you have a question, or require additional guidance, you simply need to e-mail your instructor and you will receive a prompt and detailed response.

The Benefits of Distance Learning

Today we have the technology to telecommute, to work from home, and our society is beginning to recognize that this ability is not only desirable, it is vital to our changing world. It is no surprise, then, that progressive thinking individuals are looking to distance learning opportunities to get the training they need to pursue the careers they desire. Why spend time travelling to and from a classroom, or worse, travelling across the country - or to another country - to attend a brief training seminar, when you can structure your learning on a schedule which is most comfortable to you, from the convenience of your own home? No need for transportation, no need for the expenses associated with travel. Best of all, the training you receive in the process is, because of its individualized nature, more intensive than would likely ever be possible to experience in any classroom environment.

With this particular course, the fact that you are not with an instructor "in person" is not a factor - you are likely to find that you receive a higher level of personalized attention through this program than you have ever received in an in-person learning environment. Most of our students report that this is the case, and it's certainly what we strive to provide. It's part of our commitment to each student's success.

Additionally, the fact that all correspondence with the instructor is done in written form is also very purposeful. All of the instructor's answers to your questions - her suggestions, advice, guidance, , etc. are provided to you in written form which allows for more in-depth comprehension of what has been explained to you. Students retain a much higher percentage of information when they have had the opportunity to 'read' it, than when information is given to them verbally, either via telephone, or in a classroom environment. Although this method of instruction clearly demands more of your instructor's time, our track record in producing well prepared consultants convinces us that it is worth it to make that investment in our students. All of your written correspondence with the instructor through the duration of the course should be retained permanently (we recommend adding it to the back of your course training manual) so that, at a later date, if you are ever unsure about something the instructor previously offered guidance on, or if you have forgotten some of the details or suggestions she offered, you may go back and review what was stated to refresh your memory.

Upon enrolling in the program, you will receive a shipment containing our extensive 320+ page training manual packed with everything you need to know to achieve success as a wedding consultant (see course outline of topics covered). The section of this web site on How the Course is Administered will provide you with further info on what to expect, including information about the two assignments which are required to be competed for certification through this program.


Upon successful completion of the program, you will be certified by The International Institute of Weddings as a Professional Wedding Consultant. You will be awarded a certificate, suitable for framing, which certifies that you have successfully completed the training program. This is an important credential which you should make sure all of your prospective clients are aware of.

Our course material consists of proprietary information which includes trade secrets, business formulas, operating methods, proven business strategies, techniques, processes, systems, and concepts which pertain to the field of professional wedding consulting - making this the most practical, effective, and in-depth program currently available anywhere in the industry. Many of the concepts we teach are unique to our course, have been proven to be highly effective in enabling new consultants to become established in this field in a very timely and smooth manner, and are not available in any other training program in the industry.

Fully Prepared Students

This program has achieved an extremely high satisfaction rate among students, which means that we turn out students who are fully prepared and confident to embark on their new career/business.

At the conclusion of the course, we ask each student directly about whether they feel adequately prepared for the launch of their wedding consulting business. This is the student's opportunity to ask any questions or raise any issues which may still be of concern to them. If the student does not feel ready, we continue to work with them until they do. This is the level of commitment we make to each and every student.

Of the hundreds of students who have taken our program since it was launched in 1999, we have never had a student who was dissatisfied or disappointed with the course material, or who has left our program feeling that it failed to adequately prepare them for a career/business as a professional wedding consultant. Few training programs possess a track record which enables them to make such a statement. In fact, we regularly hear from students who have been disappointed by the material contained in other courses pertaining to this field, and who turn to our program to finally get the training and knowledge they need to get their consulting businesses going. We don't let them down. We are completely committed to the success of each and every student who enrolls in our course. Our philosophy toward the training we provide is that our student's success is our own success. We aren't satisfied until our students feel confident, prepared, and well equipped to successfully embark on their new career. Talk with our former students and you will quickly get an understanding for why this program has perhaps the very highest satisfaction rate in the industry.

Our program provides an individualized level of instruction to each student which is unsurpassed in the industry, and at a cost which is the lowest for any serious, legitimate program in the field.

Cutting-Edge Teaching & Student Evaluation Methods

This program has achieved an extremely high satisfaction rate among students, which means that we turn out students who are fully prepared and confident to embark on their new career/business.

Course developer, wedding expert Linda Kevich, is available to all students to provide assistance. She is on hand to work closely with students as they prepare for the launch of their business.

The assignments for this program perform go beyond merely assessing the student's level of understanding of the course material, but also perform a dual purpose by guiding them through the most critical steps in successfully establishing one's self in this profession. Through our cutting-edge teaching and evaluation methods, students actually continue to learn and further strengthen their level of preparedness for successfully entering this field as they work through the course assignments. By the time students have successfully completed the assignments, they have necessarily completed many of the steps essential in the business start-up process. As a result of this unique approach in training, our students experience a very high success rate in establishing their businesses following completion of the program. Our course content and method of instruction offer very practical value in terms of equipping students with the tools they require to successfully get started in this profession.

By its very nature, this valuable additional learning which occurs through the process of completing the written assignments is something which would be impossible to achieve through a simple multiple choice format of assignment or test, which is the format used for student evaluation in most other programs of this type. Because the method of student evaluation used in this program is much more practical, and ultimately provides a higher quality - and more practical - learning experience.

The two assignments for this course also play a critical role in the quality of learning experience we provide. They are extremely practical in nature, causing the student to learn even more through the process of completing them. They are designed not only to carefully measure the student's understanding of the concepts taught, but also to truly get the student thinking about, and "mentally going through the processes" of the key aspects involved in a) launching and successfully establishing their business as a wedding consultant b) functioning as a professional wedding consultant. As you go through the program we mentally put you through many of the important steps and processes you will face in real-world situations, to measure your level of preparedness. We will cause you to consider situations and scenarios you would never have otherwise known to anticipate - whether it be some element pertaining to the successful establishment of the business, or some aspect of fulfilling your role as wedding coordinator. Students of the program report that because of this approach, by the time they have completed the course, they feel like they have already "experienced" many of these tasks, since we have already mentally put them through them. This serves to greatly reduce that feeling of being brand new in the business, and it does wonders for building confidence. Thus, when it comes time to actually "going it alone" and doing such things for real, our students manage to do them more competently, comfortably, and confidently.

Practical, Relevant Training -
Not a 'What to Do If it Rains' Course

As one of our recent students - who happens to be highly schooled with a PHD in chemistry, no less - put it so well, this is not a "What to do if it rains" course. You will find "no fluff" here - our program truly gets down to the nitty-gritty of what you need to know to get up and running, and to be successful in this field. It provides practical, highly relevant, and very crucial information which makes the difference between success or struggle. By the time they are finished with the program, it is not uncommon for many of our students to already have their first clients (prior to competing the course), because we lead them through the start-up process, and have them doing the ground work for establishing their businesses, WHILE they are taking the course. Certainly, students who apply themselves and take a serious approach to their businesses have clients within a relatively short time of completing the program, if not before.

We have students in every type of market - big cities, as well as small towns in rural areas - and everything in between. Our students come from working class towns right through to upscale, affluent cities. We have helped establish consultants who cater to budget brides in small middle-America towns, and we have helped establish consultants who specialize in celebrity and sports-star weddings in London, England and Los Angeles, California. From tiny towns in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri, to big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, we have trained consultants for successful careers. Our consultants are located in countries all over the world. This ability to successfully equip and prepare such very diverse groups of students from such a diverse range of markets is a huge indicator of the quality & success of our program. We know of no other like it.

When you enroll in the program you will receive our complete training manual all at one time - we don't send the material out in small bits and pieces as other programs may do. Our manual is filled with very essential, practical, enlightening information which guides our students step by step through every aspect of launching and operating a wedding consulting practice. We do not fill our pages with insignificant filler - all information you receive is not only relevant and practical, it is powerful.

Our Philosophy and Approach

We believe that to be in the wedding business, you must have a very genuine love of weddings, and the natural inclination to get very excited or "pumped" about what you do. However, we also believe that the same holds true for those of us who provide training in this field - to be successful at what we do, a training provider must have a strong and very genuine level of concern for their students. They must take personal interest in each and every one of their students, and feel a very real level of excitement about putting those people into the wedding business, and watching them rise to success.

Ask any student who has taken our program, and they will confirm that this is what we provide. We offer ongoing support to all of our students, regardless of their location. We are very interested in developing long term professional relationships with our consultants, and we encourage students of our program to remain in touch with us after completing the program so that we can continue to provide them with assistance and opportunities for exposure and further professional development.

In fact, we keep in touch with the students we have trained indefinitely after they have finished the program - checking in with them from time to time to see how they are progressing, to offer a word of advice where we can, etc. As mentioned, we also strongly encourage all of our former students to stay in touch with us and to call upon us at any time after completing the program if we can offer any support or assistance - and we don't require a 'membership' or fee in exchange for this; it's offered at no additional charge. This is a demonstration of the high level of care, concern, commitment and genuine interest we have in each of the consultants we train. And it is a powerful factor behind the success of this program, and its students.

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