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International Wedding Planner Certification

Wedding planner courseThe Wedding Planner Certification Program administered by The International Institute of Weddings in association with The SuperWeddings Certification Program accepts students from all around the world.

The International Institute of Weddings and SuperWeddings are dedicated to the provision of the highest quality of training, support, and professional development for wedding planners on an international basis.  We currently have students in many countries around the world, including New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, England, Zambia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Nigeria, China, The Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Luxembourg, France, Jordan, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Japan, as well as countless others. All training is done very successfully via distance learning and all students receive the same level of personalized instruction with a tutor who is assigned to work with them via email.   All assignments can be submitted to your instructor via email.  You will also be able to communicate with your instructor (ask questions, etc) via email anytime you require additional assistance.  Email correspondence to instructors is answered promptly, generally within 24 hours at the maximum (except on weekends and holidays).


This is the best decision I have ever made. To be quite honest I was very sceptical about reading all the coursework by on my own without attending any lectures or seminars. But to my greatest surprise this Textbook is laid out so clear that I found it so motivating and I just could not stop reading it. I feel very confident about starting my business now.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional wedding planner.  There was nothing the course didn't cover. I did not know anything about wedding consulting and planning when I started this course, but I feel that it covered everything I needed to learn. It is a necessary course for anyone who wants to be in the wedding industry. I like the fact that you get to do the reading in your own pace. I am really glad I did it.  You are welcome to use my feedback as a testimonial.

Lindiwe Mkhize, Westville, South Africa



This program is based in North America, but because it is an internationally recognized certification program, we receive a lot of questions from people all around the world who are interested in obtaining wedding planner certification through our organization. As such, we've assembled the following information specifically for international students (outside of the US or Canada).  If you are located within the US or Canada, please head over to our main page for the wedding planner course.

 "After completing the SuperWeddings Certification course I have gained all the needed knowledge to not only start a wedding consulting business, but to make it a huge success. I liked the fact that everything I need to know about being a wedding planner was fully covered in this course from start to finish. Examples that were given in the training manual and lessons really helped me get a clear picture of what scenarios I could expect. A job well done in compiling a program that I'm sure all students will understand and also enjoy. Knowing that I could always contact my instructor if I need to, gave me ease of mind that I don't have to worry if I didn't understand anything.

I definitely recommend this course. It's easy to follow and you learn a lot. There was not a thing that was not covered in this course. And I like that there is the option to further your studies if you want to through more advanced and specialised courses from SuperWeddings as your career and business develops. Thank you for proving me with all the knowledge I need, and for making studying fun. I would gladly provide you with a letter of reference for this course if requested.

~ Chrissna Wessels, South Africa

When I place my order the certification program on the internet, how long will it take for my training material to arrive in this country (more or less), and do I need to start the program right away?

Once we receive your course fee (payable online via credit card, PayPal or online check), your training materials will be shipped to you via air courier.  Generally, most of our international shipments reach their destination within about one week, but occasionally it may take up to two. If you are in a very remote location, or a location with shipping complications, it could take a few days longer.

If you are enrolling in the program on our 12-Month Installment Plan, then you will not receive a physical shipment, rather, you will access your course materials online.

You do not need to start the program immediately upon receiving your course materials if that is not compatible with your current commitments. We allow our students to study at their own pace and to arrange their studies according to what is convenient to their own schedules.  We understand that many of our students have other demands on their time, around which they must arrange their studies (ie.  full time jobs, other academic studies, etc) and we structure our program to be supportive of that.

Once you enroll for the course, you will be contacted by the instructor assigned to you.  At that time, please just drop her a note to let her know that you won't be starting your studies immediately if that should be the case,  and there will be no problem.

I am so glad I got this opportunity. This course was not only entertaining and informative but it was practical. It actually guided me every step of the way in setting up my business. The concepts and ideas are applicable to all settings, including mine in the Caribbean. The text was so easy to understand and filled with great examples by Ms. Kevich herself that even my mom, who's a dietician, kept picking it up and reading it as a if it were a novel. This was definitely what I needed to prepare me and assist me launch my career. I can now say with confidence and pride that I am a Certified Wedding Planner with the International Institute of Weddings in association with

Nikki Hilaire,  Marabella, Trinidad. W.I., 


I would like to know how the assignments are to be completed and submitted in order to receive my wedding planner certification.

All assignments are be submitted to your instructor via email.  You will not be required to send in anything by mail or courier, so there are no unnecessary delays and no additional expenses associated with mailing in your work. Thanks to the age of technology, it's all done with the click of your computer mouse. You will also be able to communicate with your instructor (ask questions, etc) via email in order to enjoy the most cost effective and time efficient means of communicating.

I have enjoyed the personal feedback received from my assignments. The style of these assignments was a very influential part in my decision when choosing this course.  Most  vocational courses are accompanied with a simple tick answer sheet - that may be fine for a "fluff" course, but it has no value if you legitimately want to learn anything.  I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the wedding  industry and I feel that I have accomplished this, through the course, the assignments, and the valuable feedback provided by the course developer, Linda Kevich.  I feel tremendously fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn directly from such a well recognized and highly respected expert in the wedding industry.

~ Lisa Burton, Rotherham, United Kingdom


I am wondering about the difference in some areas between countries - will this material be applicable since I am not in the US or Canada?

Absolutely. Again, the course was developed for use in training wedding planners on an international basis. It is an internationally recognized wedding planner certification program and has been used by students literally throughout the world.  You will find the material highly relevant, just as our students in France, Germany, West Indies, Japan, Egypt, Israel, United Kingdom, Philippines, and many others countries have.

Our focus in developing this course was to ensure that it would be of benefit to students internationally - not just in the US or Canada. We offer ongoing support to all of our students, regardless of their location.  We are very interested in developing long term professional relationships with our wedding planners, and we encourage students of our certification program to remain in touch with us after completing the program so that we can continue to provide them with assistance and opportunities for exposure and further professional development.  Keep in mind that the SuperWeddings site also has a large international audience - it is by no means limited to US or Canadian visitors.  Each day the site is visited by thousands of brides in an average of 84 different countries!

Please note that we do have a version of the course which is tailored specifically for the UK market, so if you are in the UK, you may wish to be sure to order that version.

I have to say that this course is even better than I expected, much more useful and informative than I could've imagined. It has mentioned things that I need to do or think about before and during the set up process of my business. Thank you again

Rachel Gates, Clare, Australia


I totally recommend this course to any person interested in being a Certified Wedding Planner. I have searched for so many months to find a course in Australia but only to find Event Management courses and it required 2-3 years to complete.  As a mother of a 9 month old, I was so ecstatic when I found the Wedding Planner Certification course through SuperWeddings / International Institute of Weddings. It is extremely in-depth and extremely affordable. I could study at my own pace without leaving my home. Our instructor, as well as the course developer herself, Linda Kevich, is on hand to help out where need be and her feedback from the assignments is really encouraging. I'm now looking forward to my new career for myself and my family.
Thanks SuperWeddings!

~ Marj Bourbon, Melbourne, Australia


-I have enjoyed the personal feedback received from my assignments. The style of these assignments was a very influential part in my decision when choosing this course.  Most  vocational courses are accompanied with a simple tick answer sheet - that may be fine for a "fluff" course, but it has no value if you legitimately want to learn anything.  I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the wedding  industry and I feel that I have accomplished this, through the course, the assignments, and the valuable feedback provided by the course developer, Linda Kevich.  I feel tremendously fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn directly from such a well recognized and highly respected expert in the wedding industry.

Lisa Burton, otherham, United Kingdom


-I finally finished the assignment for session II. I must say I really enjoyed doing it and did not find it difficult at all. I wanted to thank you very much for all your help with all the questions I had and for always having time to answer them even though I know you are extremely busy! I really enjoyed working with you, and really hope to meet you in person one day!!! Once again, thank you so much for everything, and I hope to receive my certification. I (think) and hope I did well. I will be waiting for the evaluation. Feel free to use my feedback for your website. My best regards to you and hope to hear from you soon!!

Keren Tetrov, Marabella, Spain


-Linda, I'm so thrilled to see my results. Thank you so much for the assistance extended to me. I was able to grasp lots of things which I was not aware of about the wedding industry through the program. I will keep in touch with you regarding my career as I would be very happy to obtain your guidance throughout. Once again thank you so much for the great support you have extended to me and I wish you all the very best!

Lathika W., Sri Lanka


I was very pleased with the information and found it informative and useful. It was well presented and informative, even for me who is already in the wedding business.

Janita Bold, Spotted Zebra Catering, Durban, South Africa


I have learned a lot from the course and felt it was extremely relevant. It was simple to understand, yet dealt with all aspects of setting up a wedding consultancy business. Any questions not answered by the course could be addressed to my tutor who was very helpful and informative. I feel it has put me in good stead to start up my own business and has given me a head start above others who might not have done the course. I found the course very helpful and it gave me an idea of where and how to start in what, potentially, is a maze of questions. I would recommend it without a doubt. I felt everything I needed to know was covered.

Tanya Swales, Bracknell, Berkshire ,Reading, United Kingdom
Member, International Institute of Weddings



Very satisfied. I enjoyed reading the literature and completing the assignments. I would most definitely recommend the course, in fact I have already recommended it to my sister. All topics have been covered. I think the course is very good, especially as it has been a long distance learning course, I think it really has worked well. I have been impressed with the lengthy feedback that you gave back to me regarding my assignments.

Nisha Ladak, London, England


I was looking for a college or company who provided wedding consultant courses in South Africa and luckily found you on the Internet at the top of Google. Your information on your site inspired me. And after looking over the course content, I could really see that the programme would give me the information I need to be a great wedding consultant and having my own successful business.

~ Chrissna Wessels, South Africa

I'm not even half way through the course and already I had a couple of meetings with potential clients and I'm about to sign a contract for a big wedding in Antalya! On Thursday there's another serious meeting for a wedding with 250-300 guests expected :)) Have a great week Linda and thanks a lot!

Janset A. Izmir, Turkey


Thank you so much for your wonderful reply. I really appreciate you taking some time off your busy schedule to assist me... The course manual has become my second bible and I carry it everywhere I am going. I have realized that most of the answers for my business are already in the Manual, and all I need to do is do design my concept around it. As always, I am grateful for all your time, patience and encouragement

Mavis Appiah, Neasden, London, UNITED KINGDOM


Thank you so much for such wonderful comments on my assignments. The course has been wonderful, I have learned a lot. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me, and the ongoing support you are still offering. I will be more that glad to keep you posted on my wedding business. Once again thank you so much for all your help and enthusiasm

Alejandra Gross, Quito - Ecuador, South America



I actually decided in January to set up as a wedding consultant and your training manual has allowed me to fill in all the blanks that I had. I found in extremely useful and am already putting a lot of it to good use

Tanya Swales, United Kingdom
Member, International Institute of Weddings


I have been very pleased with the depth of information this course has provided. It has given me the knowledge that I feel will help me stand out from my competitors. The assignments were essential in this learning process and have really helped put together my processes for my business. Without the assignments I would not have actively retained the information in the course. The money spent on this course was well worth it!!

Connie Karagounis, Sydney, NSW, Australia


I already had a wedding business before I took the course, and was hoping this course would help increase and improve my business. The course has been VERY informative and the information - which I have already started to put in to practice - is greatly appreciated. With this new found information I know that, once used properly, will increase my clientele.

Desiree Sargeant, Well House Bay, St Philip, Barbados, West Indies


I am 23 years old, born in Israel but living in Spain since many years ago. I have received the course material beginning of this week and I must say I have started reading it immediately and just couldn't stop! :-) So far it is exactly how I wanted it to be and I am sure I will be satisfied until the end. Thank you for this opportunity and for wanting to assist me with any question I might have.

Keren T. Malaga, Spain


Thank you very much for the quick and efficient delivery of my training materials. I have begun reading the first few pages and found them very informative! I'm so pleased with the wide coverage of the curriculum, the price, and having an instructor who is such a successful practitioner in the wedding

Jocelyn V, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES


I just wanted to tell you that this course is designed in a superb manner. It was very thorough and it went through all of the steps from start to finish in regards to the business. I would definitely recommend this course to whoever else is interested in becoming a wedding consultant. I felt that the staff at Super Weddings was also very friendly and professional/helpful in any questions or concerns that I have had in regards to their products/services and in regards to the course itself.

Sidika Pardhan, Dubai, UAE

I obtained a lot of knowledge from this course and am so grateful that Linda had all my questions answered every time I needed advice or assistance. I am now done with my second assignment and hope to receive my diploma so that I can say that I am a professional wedding consultant who is certified by the International Institute of Weddings!! I definitely recommend this assignment to anyone who dreams of becoming a professional wedding consultant. There was nothing left out, it covered absolutely everything and even much more than I expected!!! I enjoyed everything about the course. It covered everything in detail and really helped me understand how to start my own business as a wedding consultant.  I loved the fact that I could study on my own pace and that I had all the help I needed from Linda whenever I had questions concerning the course. The course was easy to read, and most important - interesting and fun! Once I started reading it I just couldn't stop. It covered absolutely everything and I am so glad I made the choice of taking this course and become a professional wedding consultant like I always dreamed!

Keren Tetrov, Malaga, Spain


I did compare this course to others, but chose this one definitely because of the depth of info covered. I strictly look for the best, because I want to achieve the best, and I have found it in this course. Thanks for all your time and effort!"

Han-Ni Thang  Malaysia


One of the reasons I decided to go with this training program was because I observed that you had students from Barbados who seemed to be very satisfied, as well as from Australia and the UK. I needed something that was universal in nature. The material seems to be applicable anywhere in the world. I also like the idea of an instructor so that if I have problems I can get some feedback".

Charmaine C. , Trinidad and Tobago, BARBADOS, West Indies


I have completed my second reading of Section 1 of the Wedding Planner Certification Course and taken many notes. I congratulate you on a very comprehensive guide to this very exciting industry. I feel with this as my "bible" I will be ready to face the challenge of not only becoming a wedding consultant/coordinator, but of setting up a home-based small business. I feel confident that with the knowledge you have given me I will be a success. A degree of that will depend on me, but I am highly motivated. So I now feel ready to start on my first assignment. I will be eagerly awaiting its arrival! Thank you."

Nicola Hansen, Sydney, Australia


I found this course to be of great benefit to my new business and myself. It has covered everything that a wedding consultant should need in regards to operating a successful business. This course has provided me with all the information that I would have hoped for to becoming a competent and knowledgeable wedding consultant. It has provided me with the resources and knowledge required to succeed as an independent wedding consultant. From learning the proper wedding industry terms to learning how to handle wedding day mishaps, the course has it all. The pace and order of the materials and topics are well thought-out, and the assignments allow you to apply your newly learned knowledge and skills immediately. The training materials provided gave me enough guidance to be able to go out on my own and start my new business. I am sure that in no time at all I will develop my own natural flow that was demonstrated in this Superweddings Course.

The Superweddings certification course also contains unique ideas on marketing and wedding planning assistance to brides in my area. These are the key factors, which will allow me to excel in this industry as an independent wedding consultant. Most other wedding certification courses do not offer the ongoing guidance and support that Superweddings offers - it is quite a unique program that allows you to get started in this industry with a full network of resources! You treated me with really great customer service and you always returned all my e-mails;. Above all you had my complete confidence throughout the course knowing that you were only an email away should I need your assistance. I have to say a big THANK YOU for helping me through this course and guiding me to becoming what I believe will be a great wedding consultant. I know that have other courses available which I would love to look into in the near future. I would be more than happy for you to include my feedback in the form of a testimonial.

Martina Athitakis, Sydney, Australia


Hi Ms. Kevich, First let me tell you thanks for the advice. Especially the thought about [edited: order the course and receive this level of tailored advice!].  That's great! I'll be grateful if you used some of my pictures on After all, free press is great. The bridal show went quite well and I've attached a picture from it for you to see. I actually went with the colours fuchsia and orange to stand out and it really worked. I've also attached a picture of a wedding I did two weeks ago. I look forward to receiving my certificate. Please let me know when you're doing classes on theme weddings!

Nikki Hilaire, Marabella, Trinidad. W.I.


Dear Linda: Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you. I am very thankful to be certified through this wedding planning course. May the good Lord reward you. I will definitely keep in touch with you from time to time, my intension is actually to one day travel to meet with you in person. Just recently I organized a marriage rededication and blessing for 9 couples in my church, including myself and my husband. I will forward some of the photographs once they are available. Thanks once again and God bless!

Dr Liya Nawa Mutale, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia


Dear Linda: Thank you very much for your reply to my questions. It is very elaborated and thorough. Appreciate it! Cheers!

Yar Mei, Malaysia

See our Student Testimonials for MANY more of the hundreds of testimonials we receive from
our highly satisfied students, graduates, and certified wedding planners throughout the world!

We thank you for your interest in the program, and we hope to have the opportunity to assist you with the successful launch of your wedding planner career in the very near future.

This page is intended to provide additional information about the course to international students. View Complete and Detailed Information Pertaining to the certification program at the
Wedding Planner Certification Course page


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