Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces – So Easy to Make!

DIY Wedding Table Centerpieces - Cylinders with floating candles and Hot Pink flowers

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces Look Stunning!

Cylinder wedding centerpieces create a powerful visual punch through the use of color, in this case, bright pink.   DIY cylinder centerpieces are super-easy to create, and with the right use of color and other decorative elements, they’ll look spectacular on each table. You can display cylinder centerpieces one at a time, or cluster them in groups. Groups of three usually look best if you are going to cluster them, but you can play around with different options.

There are so many styling options to choose from when designing cylinder wedding centerpieces  – the design ideas are really limited only by your own imagination. Consider using river rock, clear acrylic stones, or colored acrylic stones at the bottom of the cylinder vase for added visual interest – or you can leave the bottom bare, whichever you prefer.

You can also combine the use of cylinder vases featuring floating candles with votive candles scattered around the cylinder vases on the tables if you want extra ambience from the warm glow of candle light.

In the photo shown above, hot pink votive candle holders were selected to coordinate perfectly with the hot pink orchids in the cylinder vases. If you can’t find votive candle holders in the color you desire, you can make them using a plain clear glass votive candle holder; then simply cut either tissue paper or sheer fabric (like organza for instance) to the correct size ad wrap around the votive candle holder, and use a few tiny dabs of hot glue to secure into place.

Here’s How to DIY This Design:

Three stemmed cylinder vases of varied heights are clustered at the center of the reception table. A few inches worth of clear decorative rocks are placed at the bottom of each vase. One stem of bright pink orchids is inserted into the decorative rocks at the bottom of each vase, then simply add water to within a few inches of the mouth of the vase, toss in a round floating candle (in this case white) and the look is nearly complete… [Photo Credit: One Atlantic Events]

Finish off with a few votive candles in colored glass holders to match the color of the orchids, and scatter the table with a few (do not overdo!) rose petals in a coordinating or matching color, and you’ve got yourself some stunning wedding table centerpieces.

If you can’t find votive holders in the color you want, here’s an easy fix: Just buy plain, clear class cylindrical votive holders and, using craft glue, carefully wrap the holder with tissue paper in your chosen color and glue into place. When you light the votive candle, the candle holder will light up and glow with color; it’ll look just like colored glass.

When the whole thing is put together, these centerpieces look absolutely amazing, but as you can see, are not that difficult to do. Go DIY!

Here’s a Another Version of the Cylinder Centerpiece Idea

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces

In this version of the cylinder centerpiece design, the cylinders don’t have a pedestal on them. They are sleek, simple and elegant, yet really stunning. Groups of three look fantastic, as shown in the photo. Simply push one long stemmed tulip into each vase, as shown, before filling with water (you can use either a fresh or silk tulip – either way works fine). Then place a white floating candle into the water at the top of each vase. Scatter flower petals around the base of the vases on the table. Et volia! You have completely replicated the look!

Where to find supplies for making your own DIY cylinder wedding centerpieces:

Ready to make your own DIY cylinder wedding centerpieces?  The white floating candles and the Cylinder Vases are available from Amazon, see product links below.

Check out this fun video tutorial for one more cylinder wedding centerpiece idea:

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  1. Where can I find these vases to buy??

  2. Where can look buy these vase need them by September. Please help love them so different

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Yes, they are pretty aren’t they! Your best bet is to check craft supply stores in your area. Michaels is a good place to start if you have a store near you. Also try shops that sell floral supplies. Good luck – hope you find them!

  3. Editorial Team says:

    The vases are available by following the product link below the article!

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