Champagne With Raspberries for Wedding Reception

Proper Temperature for Serving Champagne

What is the Proper Temperature For Serving Champagne? Q: We’re handling all of the food and beverage arrangements for my son’s DIY wedding, rather than hiring a caterer and bar service. We have one issue we are unsure of, though. What temperature is champagne supposed to be served at? Please help! ~  Mom of Groom, […]

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Picture of children at wedding

Addressing Invitations When Inviting Children

Q: I wish to invite children to my wedding and reception, what is the proper way to address the envelope to include the children? Lisa L. Answer: If you will be using both inner and outer envelopes, the outer envelope should be addressed to the parent’s names only. The inner envelope, however, should contain the […]

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Toast to a wedding vow renewal

Telling Wedding Guests to Pay Their Own Way

How Do We Tell Guests To Pay Their Own Way? Q: My husband and I will be renewing our wedding vows for our 20th anniversary on the beach at sunset on Waikiki. It will be Hawaiian casual attire (Hawaiian shirts and sarongs). Hopefully, some of our friends who live on the island will attend our […]

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Picture of Wedding Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner Etiquette

Aisle Runner Question  Q: When is the Aisle Runner unrolled? Just before the bride’s entrance or before the entire wedding party enters? Please let me know as soon as possible – our wedding is two weeks away! Thanks for your help ~  Rene Answer: That’s an excellent question and shows that you are really thinking […]

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Bridal Shower / Wedding Shower Picture

Who Gets Invited to the Bridal Shower?

Etiquette on Who Gets Invited to a Wedding Shower  My daughter is getting married in May. We are thinking of a shower in March – just women. Who is invited to the wedding shower? Just family and close friends or everyone you plan to invite to the wedding and reception? Some family and friends who […]

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Guests at Wedding / Bridal Shower

Must Shower Guests Be Invited to the Wedding?

 Can You Invite Someone to the Shower If they Aren’t Invited to the Wedding? Question: The bride has chosen to have a VERY small and intimate ceremony and wedding reception, inviting 50-75 guests total… Would it be appropriate to have a bridal shower inviting friends and relatives who haven’t been invited to the wedding ceremony […]

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Wedding Favors Picture

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors?

What’s the Etiquette on Wedding Favors? Is is proper to give each couple ONE wedding favor at the wedding reception, or should it be a favor for each guest? We’ve been told both have been done. We’re leaning on one per guest. Thanks. Answer: You’ve absolutely got the right idea to be leaning towards one […]

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Bridal Gloves

Bridal Glove Etiquette

Question: I’m planning on wearing elbow-length gloves with my wedding dress. What is the easiest way to do the exchange of rings while wearing gloves? I’d rather not take the gloves on and off. I want to stay in keeping with what is traditional. I know that I’m supposed to take them off when in […]

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Picture of Wedding Ceremony Seating

Telling Guests to Leave Tag-a-Longs at Home

When Guests Bring Guests… Question:  We have found the perfect site for our wedding reception. We only have room for 150 guests maximum. Family members are not the problem, friends are. How do we word our wedding invitation and/or response card to ask them to limit their guests to just one person? Thanks for your […]

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Wedding Vow Renewal Reception

Planning a Vow Renewal Celebration

Question: When my husband and I got married many years ago, we had a very small ceremony in the home of the minister who preformed it. We brought along two of our best friends and their spouses as our witnesses. Three years from now we will be married for 30 years. Would it be silly […]

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Table for Wedding Vow Renewal Party

Carried Away With Wedding Vow Renewal?

Q:  Questions about a wedding vow renewal celebration: Is it appropriate to have 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen when renewing your vows? How about a bachelorette party and showers? Receiving gifts? Having your daughter in the “wedding:? I have a friend that is doing this after only being married less then 2 years and it is […]

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Picture of wedding gifts

How Much To Spend on a Wedding Gift?

Q: Is there a basic guide indicating how much to spend on a wedding gift? Ginna F. A: Generally speaking, if you will be attending the wedding, plan to spend $50 – $100 on a wedding gift. This amount represents a gift from one person; thus, if the gift is from a couple the value […]

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