White bridal shoes with gold glitter shoes - diy

DIY Bridal Shoes with Glitter Heels

Glitter Heals Wedding DIY Do a little wedding DIY project and glam up your bridal shoes with glitter heals! You can get that designer, one of a kind look by customizing your bridal shoes for yourself with this fun DIY idea. [Photo Credit: Thompson Photography, Boca Raton, Florida] Its easy! 1. Just cover the your […]

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Vintage-Chic romantic wedding decor idea

Vintage-Chic Inspired Romantic Wedding Idea

  A very clever romance-inspired vintage chic wedding idea:  A decorative display in keeping with the “love in words” wedding theme is created using props that include an old  pink vintage typewriter into which the wedding invitation itself is displayed (note the ph-sorry romantic, vintage design for the invitation…).  The display in placed on a […]

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Creative Wedding Cake Ideas - Ombre Wedding Cake Alternative

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas – Mini Ombre Cakes

  Looking for wedding cake ideas for small weddings or for a creative wedding cake alternative? These blue ombre mini-cakes are perfect for either scenario. Little individual mini-cakes, about the size of cupcakes, are baked and then decorated in ombre styling.  You could opt for cupcakes and decorate them this way as well (wedding cupcakes are, after […]

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Home Made Wedding Bouquet

DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

I was amazed with this website and all the wedding ideas it offers; I wish I had came across it before my wedding. Here are a few ideas from my DIY wedding… I was adamant that there was to be no lace or ribbon used in my wedding, as I am not a ‘frilly’ sort […]

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Home Made Wedding Invitations - Creative Wedding Ideas

My DIY Wedding Ideas – Real Weddings

Like many of the soon to be brides who’ve posted their wedding ideas, I have been struggling to have an elegant wedding on a low budget. Our wedding is only six weeks away and over the past year I have found that making everything ourselves and having a DIY wedding – from our wedding invitations, […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

Creative Wedding Ideas – Real Weddings – Part 3

My brother’s wedding is in November. He and his Fiancé have asked me to be in charge of the wedding decorations, which they knew I would gladly do! Here are a few of my wedding ideas: – Picking a wedding theme for your wedding gives a place to start in planning interesting decorations and helps […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas - Picture Frame Wedding Guest Book

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 2

Part 2 in Our Series of Creative Wedding Ideas from Other Brides I’m getting married in May and my fiancee and I are trying our best to make it unique. For our guest book, we are using a picture frame… Our engagement photo will be matted and placed in the middle and the guests will […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas from Other Brides

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 1

 In this multi-installment seriess, our readers share their creative wedding ideas for a wedding that is unique, memorable, and personalized. These ideas are a lot of fun to read. See how creative other brides can be – and feel free to steal an idea or two if it works for your wedding! ~~~~ I’m not […]

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Wedding ideas from brides

Creative Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 30

I am planning a Winter Wonderland Themed wedding. I have been exhausted trying to come up with some original ideas and so far I have thought of the following:  The ceremony and reception will both take place in the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier (Chicago). I chose this venue because it is encased in glass […]

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Creative DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 28

My wedding is still 17 months away, but the ideas are definitely starting to flow! I want to have candid photos of the reception to experience the moments of my guests in which I miss, so we will be having disposable cameras at each table. But we won’t have to go through the expense of […]

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Picnic Wedding in Park

Creative & DIY Wedding Ideas From Brides – Part 29

My fiance and I are planning our wedding on a really tight budget. We decided to have our wedding in a beautiful local park following with a picnic style reception. I am an artist and he is a musician, so we are bringing a large, nicely bound sketchbook instead of a guest book, so our […]

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Unique Wedding Ideas - Rain Bottle

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 27

More Wedding Ideas From Real Brides… In Case It Rains… I have been to many rainy weddings. People who are superstitious such as myself think its bad luck.  An idea for nice way to turn that luck around… catch the rain water from the wedding day and put it in a nice bottle or jar (airtight so […]

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