Cupcake Wedding Cake Designed With Adorable Presents

Cupcake Wedding cake with cupcakes that look like wedding presents

How sweet is this?  This cupcake wedding cake alternative features a tall, seven-tier cupcake tower that holds oodles of adorable little cupcakes that have been designed to look like tiny little wrapped wedding presents and gift packages! Just look at the detail on those little presents. Check out the way the presents feature different designs, yet there is harmony and unity created through the choice of color – tones of pink and shade of white.  Love the way the little gifts are randomized in terms of the order in which they appear on each of the different levels of the tower, which really adds to the look of variety.  The top level of this tower features a small cake for the bride and groom to cut, complete with a monogram cake topper. The pretty roses petals scattered on the table surrounding this little masterpiece are the perfect finishing touch, enhancing the color theme of the overall design. This one’s a winner – its in a confectionery class of its own!  Design by Suess und Salzig in Germany

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