Simple Christmas Wedding Centerpieces – Floating Candles

Simple Christmas Wedding Centerpieces - Floating Candles

Sometimes simple can be so stunning.  For this Christmas Wedding Centerpiece, a perfect grouping of 8 floating candles in the holiday season’s colors are floated in a frosted bowl. Add a sprig of mistletoe to the base of the bowl, and the scene for a holiday season wedding reception has been set!  The key to making simple wedding centerpieces like this into something really special is to take care in selecting the bowl – the right bowl can make the world of difference. And of course, putting some thought into your choice of floating candles will take you a long way too. And that doesn’t mean it has to be anything extravagant or elaborate. A really easy way to enhance your wedding decor on a reasonable DIY budget.

Note that the candles used for this centerpiece are your basic round floaters. However, by combining  several candles in the right mix of colors, the centerpiece completely comes to life. Imagine how less interesting this centerpiece design would be if all the candles were the same colors, or if the bowl was more ordinary and lacking in style.

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