Tall Glass Wedding Table Centerpieces

Tall Glass Wedding Table Centerpieces

 A gorgeous idea  featuring tall glass wedding table centerpieces in a reception room bathed  in shades of purple.  These really unique centerpiece glasses rise up from the center of the reception tables. They are shaped to look like super-tall wine glasses, but the effect is not in any way gimmicky, rather, its really very elegant and visually striking.

Floral cluster arrangements featuring star gazer lilies are placed inside the centerpiece glasses, nestled into a bed of moistened Spanish Moss to keep the flowers fresh. The base of each glass is positioned on the center of the table, and covered in a mound of green ivy, giving these centerpieces a multi-level dimension which makes them extra-interesting.

The table covers are pale pink, however, through professional lighting with the use of a colored lens, the table covers and the entire reception room, are bathed in a beautiful purple glow.  The clear acrylic chairs are super-cool too. The result is absolutely stunning wedding decor.

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One thought on “Tall Glass Wedding Table Centerpieces

  1. Lisa Ruggeri says:

    I would like to ask a few questions on the tall wine glass vase centerpiece. First I would like to know all of
    the Dimensions of the glass. Second, what is the minimum amount to order. Third, How much is this

    Thank you,
    Lisa Ruggeri

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