Creative Wedding Ideas – Real Weddings – Part 3

Creative Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

My brother’s wedding is in November. He and his Fiancé have asked me to be in charge of the wedding decorations, which they knew I would gladly do!

Here are a few of my wedding ideas:

– Picking a wedding theme for your wedding gives a place to start in planning interesting decorations and helps get the ideas and creative juices flowing. We’re doing an ‘angel’ theme.

Wedding DIY!

– I’m going to make two sheer white screens (using a curtain bought at local thrift store) pulled tight, bordered in a thin wood frame in their colors. One to be placed on either side of the altar at the wedding ceremony. Behind the screen will be the silhouette of 2 life-size angels, each carrying a candle, two on either side (4 total). These were made by enlarging an angel picture with an overhead projector. I then traced the images onto plywood and painted the angels black, to make them look like silhouettes. Placing a mini spotlight behind them will allow the silhouette of 4 angels carrying candles to show through the sheer screens.

– I just happened to have 100 long stem candles which we will line the aisle with. A dear friend has offered to make 3 foot candle holders out of scrap lumber that your local lumber yard will just give you. They just need to be painted white and lightly decorated with some small ribbon and string beads. Very romantic! Make sure the lights are low (dim) for nice ambiance.

– Instead of candles for the centerpieces, I found small clear kerosene lamps to use at just $1.79 each. I will burn blue (the couple’s wedding color) liquid paraffin in them, as this does not burn the glass, discolor it with smoke, or create a smell. Then they will be circled with flowers, tulle, and ribbon. I also found a larger version of the same kerosene lamp, and I will use three of them for the head table in the same manner.

– When guests arrive for the wedding ceremony they will be given a slip of paper and a pencil and asked to write down their fondest memory of either the bride or groom. These will later be read aloud at the wedding reception. This should be a fond memory maker.

– Hung above each table at the wedding reception, I will cut the sides out of small cardboard boxes which have been painted blue. I will glue an inset of white tissue paper into the cut-out hole in the side, and I will remove the top and bottom from the boxes. Inside I will hang a blue glow-stick (purchased at any dollar store ). Before wedding guests arrive I will illuminate the stick to create a blue glow through the tissue paper box.

– Since their wedding theme is angels, we found child-size angel wings made of real white feathers on the internet. The flower girl will wear these at the ceremony.

I hope you enjoy these wedding ideas and that you will have as much fun at your wedding planning as I am!

Tammy St.Amant
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Canada

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