Creative Ideas from Brides – Part 23

String of Lights With Silk Flowers DIY

  • I actually got the basic idea from Martha Stewart, but altered it to my tastes. Take a string of Christmas lights (any color, but clear lights show up best). Then take silk flowers in your wedding colors (make sure they are the kind that can easily be taken apart and reassembled again – whites, ivories, and creams glow best). Take them apart carefully, and then re-layer them on the light. The flowers I found to work best are roses and carnations, but almost any kind work. Use floral tape to hold the flower on the lights. I use a small piece to wrap in the inside (so it doesn’t slide off the light) folded in half length wise, and a longer piece, unfolded, to secure the flower to the light from the bottom. Then add the leaves from the silk flowers to fill the gaps in between flowers, using the tape again to secure them. When you plug in the lights you will have glowing flowers that are a show stopper. Use it to decorate a pillar (that’s what I have to do, it’s in the middle of the room!) or stair banisters, be creative. ~ Mishelle G.
  • My husband and I were married last year but had to wait to have the reception this year. Since I know some of the loved ones in our lives cannot make it here, I thought of a way to have a little of them with me. My sister-in-law is making me a lighted silk flower cake topper. When the reception starts everyone will be able to see not only the cake topper but a picture of her family and a note saying. “Cake topper made by [her name here] & family, and sent with all our love”. This way when pictures are taken, she and her family will be included. There will be many pics of loved ones lost or loved ones who cannot make it surrounding us in our reception hall. No one will be forgotten. ~ D. Arlene, Wisconsin
  • This may sound simplistic but when a bride and groom go to pick out flowers, they should have a firm idea of how much they want to spend. If they don’t, the florist will show pictures from one of the most expensive books they have and after seeing them, the ones they can afford never seem to look as good. There is a good chance that they will end up spending a lot more for flowers than necessary. There is a lot that can be done with ivy, babies breath, tulle, and ribbon to decorate just about anything for a lot
    less than a spray of flowers. ~ Anonymous
  • I hated the idea of assigning table numbers. It seemed too dry and impersonal. I decided to name the tables with words that refer to love, joy, etc. instead to give a charming flare to the tables. The tables can be arranged in alphabetical order to assure that there is still a navigable organization so the guests can find their seats. These are some of the words I used: Happiness, Serenity, Bliss, Joyful, Amour, Adoration, Tranquility, Harmony, Delight, Heavenly, Enchantment, Cherish, Lovely, Memories, Inspiration, Romance, Forever, Eternity, Unity, Pleasure, Charm, Believe, Dreams, Fortune, Passion, Genuine, Priceless, and
    Desire. A thesaurus comes in handy when trying to elaborate upon your list! ~Susan McIntire, Glendale, CA
  • I know how awkward it can be to be sitting at a formal table near people you don’t know, waiting for the reception to officially begin, the food to be served, etc. I thought it would be a great idea to give the guests something fun to talk about that pertains to the wedding. I decided to print out, for each guest at the table, a different set of wedding customs and their origins, poems about love, and memorable stories about me and my fiance’ or our close family and friends, with their approval of course. They each have three or four on a sheet and printed at the bottom is the suggestion that they share their set of stories, etc. with the other members at the table. The sheets are printed and designed on my computer, put in a colored envelope, and placed at each place setting. Also inside is a decorative blank business card for the guests to write words of wisdom, advice for the newlyweds, or good wishes which are to be placed in a small box or bird cage decorated with the colors of the wedding. Either way should allow the guests to slip in their card of advice without having to fold it. Those will later be placed in the wedding scrapbook for sentimental reflections. This is a good way to let your guests know that their presence matters to the bride and groom and that they will be remembered on that day always. ~ Susan McIntire, Glendale, CA

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