Creative Wedding Ideas for Brides – Part 19

Candy Apples Wedding Favors

Candy Apples by TorieJane

  • I got a local tourist attraction to make candy apples for wedding favors. They cost just $2.50 each and we bought silver organza ribbon to tie on them. Our wedding is a Valentines Day wedding and the red will look great on the tables! Besides who doesn’t love a candy apple?  ~ Anonymous
  • This was something VERY fun I did at my 1st wedding reception…. I didn’t want to be totally traditional because I feel I am rather unique myself, SO instead of having a THROW BOUQUET…. I had throw PILLOWS! I had 3 small throw pillows made out of the same material as my bridesmaids dresses and threw them instead of flowers. It made for QUITE the ordeal…. I did one for the females, one for the males and one for the children. This was something they could always have and remember and left people wondering what on earth I was going to do next! (Pillows also don’t hurt if they hit you in the face!) To this day I have people tell me they still have my pillows and thought it was the neatest idea ever! I hope you enjoy my ideas! Thanks for letting me share this with you! ~ Dawn Collins (Mrs. Greg Thompson), Lawrence, Kansas
  • I was married about a year ago, and so I can present a few of our ideas and those of some friends:

    Instead of a traditional cake topper, we found a small Precious Moments music box and used that. We still have it on display in our home.

    Instead of a traditional guest book, try using 2×3 blank cards for the guests to write on. Then, when making a scrapbook of your wedding pictures, use these cards by inserting them here and there throughout the scrap book to make it more meaningful and interesting.

    Or another idea: Find a 12×12 scrapbook; fill it with black cardstock paper. Then mount your extra engagement pictures throughout. Place the book near the entrance at your wedding reception with light-colored gelly roller pens for the guests to sign next to your pictures.

    For weddings in the summer, have a cooler nearby for flowers to rest and stay fresh in between taking pictures, and while in the receiving line.

    For very simple and cute gifts for guests (“favors”): Get some nice plastic spoons, put a few Hershey kisses in the end and secure with tulle. We attached a note on it that said, “A batch of hugs, and a spoonful of kisses from Kory and Stephanie.” Alternatively, it might read, “A spoonful of kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs.!”

    We also gave everyone a small canister of bubbles. The canisters were shaped like little flowers and birds. The guests blew the bubbles as we left the reception. ~ Stephanie Boyd

  • Instead of doing a traditional guest book (which more than likely we would never pull out of the closet!) we are enlarging our engagement photo and setting it in a wide matte. Then our guests will sign around the picture on the matte. Once framed we will be able to hang it and see it forever! Thanks for the great ideas! ~Raegan & Kenneth, Louisville, KY
  • We don’t have a date set just yet. I have come across a lot of planning obstacles. My fiance and I have very different view points on how our wedding should be. I want a large wedding, but my fiance wants a very small one. However, at large weddings almost everyone drinks, and I really did not want to have any or a lot of liquor on such a special occasion. So to get everyone involved in having fun, I was thinking of hiring a dance instructor. This would motivate people to get crazy and try new dance moves, without having to be tipsy to have a good time. Hopefully this will be something all the guests will remember about our wedding – instead of so-and-so being “the life of the party.” ~ Daniela Frias and Marshall Pollock, San Antonio, TX
  • I walked into a dollar store on my way to lunch one day and noticed a beautiful butterfly wrought iron candle holder for $1.99 , I bought all of them and when I was on my way to the checkout I noticed votive candles on clearance two for $0.29 and thought, “I can’t go wrong ..”. Now I have 15 complete centerpieces for only $31.00. Moral of the story? Don’t forget to check out your local dollar store . My centerpieces are the most elegant thing that I have purchased for my wedding…. even though they were a total bargain! ~ Amanda Vaith
  • If you want to go the non-traditional route, check out old vintage patterns available for sale online. I bought a 1954 dress pattern for $10, which my mom will make. It’s exactly what I wanted and will mean so much to wear a dress made by her on my special day. My bridesmaids will wear white tops and shoes of their own choosing and long, flowing cotton skirts (made by mom and I) each in a different pastel color- then lined up like the colors of the rainbow. ~ Eva & Ryan, Sacramento, CA
  • Make a collage of you and your finace’s pictures of childhood through courtship. I have taken a large piece of cardboard and glued posterboard on top of it. I then stensiled our names and a border around the posterboard . Before placing our photos on it, I stenciled hearts all over the board. I then placed our respective photos under our names; in the middle of the board I placed photos of the both of us. To give our wedding a more personal touch, this will be displayed at our wedding reception. ~Tabitha Brazier & Jason Corbin

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